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Lopesan Hoteles and Resorts

Live a Lopesan experience in our unique hotels in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Punta Cana, Germany and Austria. Featuring more than 5000 rooms available in 4 countries, you will enjoy unforgettable beach or mountais holidays, with children or in couple, to relax or practice your favourite sport.

  • Summer Special

    Lopesan Baobab Resort

    Spain - Gran Canaria

    Summer Special

    Valid until 02/09/2014
    Min. stay 3 nights, min. 2 adults

    Offer valid until: 25/08/2014 until 02/09/2014

    from 68.00 Pers./Night
  • Summer Special

    IFA Faro Hotel

    Spain - Gran Canaria

    Summer Special

    Valid until 06/09/2014
    min. 2 adults, from breakfast

    Offer valid until: 27/08/2014 until 06/09/2014

    from 75.00 Pers./Night
  • Summer promotion

    IFA Interclub Atlantic Hotel

    Spain - Gran Canaria

    Summer promotion

    Valid until 08/10/2014
    Minimum stay 2 nights

    Offer valid until: 30/08/2014 until 08/10/2014

    from 47.00 Pers./Night
  • IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen

    Germany - Graal-Müritz

    Winter Magic

    Package valid between dates:
    30/11/2014 - 19/12/2014
    04/01/2015 - 30/01/2015

    see more information
    from 69.00 Pers./Night
  • IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen

    Germany - Graal-Müritz

    Entspannung Pur

    3 nightrs in HB, sparkling wine and fruit + special massage

    see more information

    Offer valid until: 05/10/2014 until 02/11/2014 +

    from 113.00 Pers./Night
  • IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark

    Germany - Schöneck

    Family Fun for young and old

    Package valid between dates:
    11/05/2014 - 15/05/2014
    15/06/2014 - 19/06/2014
    07/09/2014 - 11/09/2014
    05/10/2014 - 09/10/2014

    see more information
    from 66.00 Pers./Night
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Why booking with Lopesan?

  • 19 Hotels in 4 countries

    More than 5000 rooms in the 3, 4 and 5 stars rated hotels. On the beach, for families, romantic, exclusive... hotels thought for you.

  • Total satisfaction

    More than 200.000 reservations done in 2012, with a high percentage of guests that repeat.

  • Looking for the best price

    Why Lopesan? Because we endeavour to offer you the best price online.

  • 100% secure booking

    Online booking process, very simple and with secure payment. You can also make your booking by phone if you wish.

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