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Hotels in Deutschland

Discover what IFA and Lopesan Hotels in Germany has to offer – an opportunity to visit the regions of Saxony, Bavaria, Bohemia and Thuringia, and the beaches of the Baltic Sea. Our hotels are excellently located for you to enjoy a few days amongst nature, close to the Erzgebirge/Vogtland National Park or on the Baltic beaches on the islands of Rügen and Fehmarn , or on the coast of Graal-Müritz.

  • IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark

    IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark

    Germany - Vogtland

    Welcome to the IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark Superbly located on the "balcony of the Vogtland" in 800m height, with a unique panoramic view of the corner region of Saxony. [...]

    Bed & Breakfast
    from 82.00 2 Person/Night
  • IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark

    IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark

    Germany - Rügen

    ... directly behind dunes and sea The holiday complex IFA Rügen Hotel is located in Rügen, the largest island in Germany. Rügen is known for its endless beaches, beech forests, chalk cliffs and seaside spas. [...]

    Bed & Breakfast
    from 96.00 2 Person/Night
  • IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen

    IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen

    Germany - Graal-Müritz

    Welcome to the IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen! Holiday by the sea - a dream that comes true! A mile-long white Baltic Sea beach is at your feet. Quiet, contemplative, easy to take a deep breath and let your soul relax[...]

    Bed & Breakfast
    from 152.00 2 Person/Night
  • IFA Fehmarn Hotel & Ferien-Centrum

    IFA Fehmarn Hotel & Ferien-Centrum

    Germany - Fehmarn

    Holiday by the sea - a dream that comes true! A mile-long white Baltic Sea beach is at your feet. Quietness, contemplation, the possibility to take a deep breath and relax, your eyes fixed on the open sea, when on the horizon pass proudly the white ships

    Bed & Breakfast
    from 63.00 Per Apartment

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Beach and Mountain Hotels in Germany

Hotels in Germany have 3 or 4 stars and are designed to spend a few days amongst nature and on the beach. The IFS Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark is situated in Vogtland, close to nature reserves, which is a perfect location for those who love mountain sports. In the summer, you can enjoy a walk in the countryside or go climbing, and in the winter, it's deal for skiing and snowboarding. The other 3 hotels are located near the beach, making them the ideal choice for those that want a relaxing escape. Rügen – the biggest island in Germany – has a wide selection for relaxing with a Spa area; Fehmarn is the sunniest place in Germany, and Graal-Müritz is one of the healthiest and most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

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