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IFA Villas Bávaro Resort & Spa

Playas de Bávaro, Punta Cana, Higuey, La Altagracia, República Dominicana +1-809-200-2101


Sensitive Skin

Special cosmetics prepared from herbs to prevent allergic reactions and oversensitivity, thereby calming, hydrating and rejuvenating your skin.


Concentrated marine extracts balance out excess oils and facial shine, leaving your face free from impurities and allowing you to rediscover your natural look.

Collagen Plus

This collagen-based facial treatment provides deep hydration for all skin types.


Marine algae-based treatment that will leave your skin wonderfully toned, whilst also reducing expression lines.

Facial Flash

Recovers your skin`s natural moisture and glow. Includes cleansing, toning and mild exfoliation, followed by a wet face mask depending on your skin type and wrapped off with a relaxing and penetrating massage with a refreshing and calming essential cream.

Deep Cleanse

Classic European-style facial treatment that simultaneously cleanses and hydrates your face. The deep facial cleanse is recommended for all skin types. Includes a facial massage and two facial masks.

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