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IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen

Waldstrasse 1, D-18181 Graal-Müritz +49 (0) 38206-73.4520


Pedicure "Quick feet" Give your feet a little attention! The wellness program for your feet starts with a herbal foot bath, which promotes the circulation and prepares your feet for the care treatment. The best of each care program is the final treatment with cream. The skin cream is applied through a gentle massage that refreshes the most tired feet. · Foot Bath · Skin and nail care · Final treatment with cream that is applied through a massage so that you get tender, soft feet

Manicure "Beautiful, neat hands" Let the beauty of your hands with us. Regenerating care with UV protection spoils your needy hands and prevents the aging of the skin. Vitamin rich ingredients give your hands new suppleness and pamper them during the hand massage up to the finger tips. · Hand bath · Hand peeling · Nail Care · Final hand massage with protective care for silky hands

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