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IFA Graal-Müritz Hotel, Spa & Tagungen

Waldstrasse 1, D-18181 Graal-Müritz +49 (0) 38206-73.4520



Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy for the relief of pain, relaxation and vitality for the body.
Let us help.

· Back massage
· Partial Body Massage
· Full Body Massage
· Reflexology
· Foot Massage
· Facial massage
· Head and facial massage
· Trigger Point Therapy
· Facial lymphatic drainage
· Lymphatic drainage of arms or legs
· Full body lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Stimulates the lymphatic flow. A soothing massage to detoxificate and support the lymphatic system.
Even a single massage can be really beneficial,
but the whole effect of the massage is in the repetition.
Through various grips, tissue is loosened and the muscles relaxed.

Massage Special

· Aroma full body massage
· Honey cream full body massage
· Brush massage (back)
· Brush massage (whole body)
· Hot Stone / Scen Tao massage
· Massage with warm oil and hot stones (wellbeing massage)

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