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With three steps complete the following form and we will contact you and send you the information for your next event.

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  •  Room Aschberg

    Room "Aschberg" Surface (m²): 248 Height (m): 2.66 Theatre: 140 Parliament: 100 U table: 40 Square: 48

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  • Room "Schneckenstein" Surface (m²): 48 Height (m): 2.80 Theatre: 32 Parliament: 24 U table: 22 Square: 28

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  • Room "Hohe Reuth" Surface (m²): 38 Height (m): 2.73 Theatre: 28 Parliament: 18 U table: 16 Square: 18

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  • Room "Schöneck" Surface (m²): 33 Height (m): 2.78 Theatre: 24 Parliament: 10 U table: 10 Square: 24

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