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Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Corallium Spa & Casino

c/ Mar Mediterráneo, 1 , E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España 0034- 928- 128- 181


All the care your face needs to show off a radiant skin!

Corallium active facial hygiene

Deep cleansing that purifies and detoxifies the complexion using a specific cosmetic treatment suited to the skin type. It includes the removal of make-up, a peeling, extraction, massage and face mask. The result is a bright complexion that is free from impurities.

Duration: 80 min - Price: 85€

Personalised facial treatment

After a diagnosis of the complexion, we will apply a specific facial treatment that is suited to what your face needs. Aimed to moisturise, nourish, rebalance and oxygenate. It includes the removal of make-up, a peeling, massage and face mask.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 70€

Facial cleaning for men


For men that want to instantly regain moisturise in their skin, it includes: a peeling, massage and specific face mask for men. It will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalised, for an unbeatable feeling of comfort.

Duration: 80 min - Price: 85€

Mixed/oily skin

Facial treatment to care for the complexion that regulates, balances and clears mixed and oily skin. It includes the removal of make-up, a peeling, massage and specific face mask. Ideal for shiny skin and skin with visible pores.


Duration: 80 min - Price: 85€


Vital Eyes

Specific eye contour treatment, for people wishing to minimise the signs of fatigue around the eyes. Based on a finger-pressure technique that redensifies, smooths and relaxes the delicate skin of the eye contour area, reducing bags and expression lines. It is suitable for all skin types.

Duration: 30 min - Price: 45€

Facial Collagen

It is an intensive moisturising treatment to replenish collagen in the skin that we lose with time. Collagen offers a firming effect while maintaining the skin`s moisture - collagen and elastin fibres - and help to keep it in a perfect condition. The smoothing and rejuvenating action of this treatment leaves the skin feeling smoother and reduces the expression lines. It includes the removal of make-up, a peeling and covering of collagen.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 70€

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