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Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Corallium Spa & Casino

c/ Mar Mediterráneo, 1 , E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España 0034- 928- 128- 181


We offer the best choice of massage therapy techniques!

Turkish Soap Massage (only with Spa Experience)

This treatment is especially designed to eliminate dead skin cells and to activate at the same time your blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Duration: 30 min - Price: 40€

Chiro-Golf Massage

A body massage given with golf balls; it helps to loosen muscle tensions, to improve flexibility and to recover physical energy.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 65€

Swedish Massage

This traditional body massage stimulates the blood circulation, invigorates the muscles and provides a complete relaxation.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 65€

Anti - Stress Massage

This massage treatment concentrates on the back, loosening tense muscles of neck, shoulders and back.

Duration: 30 min - Price: 38€ 

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage consists of slow, gentle, rhythmic and pumping hand movements stimulating the lymphatic system with excellent results on areas with cellulite. It is deeply relaxing and tranquilizing.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 68€

Duration: 105 min - Price: 110€

Aroma – Therapy

It consists of applying essential oils on the whole bode with the result of a complete relaxation.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 70€

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a massage with profound pressure movements indicated for persons with highly developed muscles, such as sportsmen. Masaje Deep Tissue

Duration: 60 min - Price: 72€

Lomi Lomi

A traditional Hawaiian massage with the aim of reaching total harmony working on all the muscles and helping the energies flow. This is one of the profoundest body massage techniques.

Duration: 80 min - Price: 95€

Stone Therapy

Based on an ancestral Hawaiian ritual, combining massage techniques with warm basalt stones, cold marble stones and the application of essential oils with the aim of balancing emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

Duration: 90 min - Price: 105€

Tandem Massage of Head and Feet

Reach a complete relaxation while two therapists are working together on the zones of your neck, face and heat , as well as your feet, loosening tense muscles.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 125€

Two by Two Massage

This treatments for couples provides you with the possibility of sharing the experience with your partner while enjoying a synchronized body massage by two therapists.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 125€

Massage with Four Hands

A synchronized massage of two therapists working in perfect harmony providing you with a unique experience.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 125€ 

Mothers-to-Be Massage

This relaxing massage is also called Pre-Birth Massage is recommended to alleviate discomforts and aches of pregnancy.

Duration: 60 min - Price: 62€

Reflexology Massage

It consists of a soft stimulation of the réflex points on the soles of your feet with the aim of loosening tensions and helping to re-balance your body.

Duration: 45 min - Price: 58€

Featherlike Legs Massage

A relaxing circulatory massage loosening leg contractions.

Duration: 30 min - Price: 40€

Neck and Shoulder massage

This is an effective massage with loosening results on muscle tensions and contractions of neck and shoulders.

Duration: 15 min - Price: 20€

Relaxing Foot Massage

This massage is indicated for persons suffering from tired feet and liquid retentions due to its great draining results.

Duration: 20 min - Price: 25€

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