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Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso

c/ Mar Mediterraneo, 7. E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España 0034-928-56-32-32


Basic care for a healthy body.

Detox with Green Tea

It helps to eliminate toxins of the whole organism and to expulse fat deposits. The treatment includes peeling, envelopment and body massage using green tea products.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 95€

Aloe-Vera Peeling

Recommended for all skin types. The pure Aloe Vera gel penetrates into the skin moisturizing and nourishing it and restoring lost vitality.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 39€

Corallium Exfoliating Body Treatment

Includes an intense exfoliation with reaffirming action. The result is a calmed and soft skin.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 39€

Aloe-Vera Wrap

Peeling with salts and envelopment with Aloe Vera gel and a nourishing Aloe Vera cream. It renews and nourishes your skin and provides it with elasticity, resistance and protection.

Duration: 1h 20min - Price: 80€

Sea Algae Wrap

This treatment includes a peeling and an algae and cream envelopment; it is especially indicated to eliminate liquids and fat deposits as well as to soften, invigorate and re-mineralize your skin.

Duration: 1h 20min - Price: 90€

Envelopment with Mud of the Dead Sea

Mud envelopment, followed by a sea salt peeling and the application of a nourishing cream. It moisturizes and softens your skin and it has an anti-inflamatory effect.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 75€




Vitamin C

Ritual wich includes a sweet citrus exfoliation, a wrap with refreshing and antioxidant effect and and an application of a citrus cream. Indicated to pamper the skin before, during or after the sun and for body treatments lovers.

Duration: 50min - Price 75€.

Perfect Silhouette

This treatment has a slimming effect on the whole body, the skin is reaffirmed and the shape remodeled.

Duration: 50min - Price: 75€


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