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Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso

c/ Mar Mediterraneo, 7. E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España 0034-928-56-32-32


We offer the best selection of massage therapy techniques

Chiro-Golf Massage

Let yourself be seduced by a 100% luxury golf experience. This generous ritual relaxes muscles from the head to the feet using an excellent massage treatment, using golf balls to benefit the circulation, releasing tension, improving flexibility and physical energy.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Hindu Head Massage

It consists of a deep massage of the scalp, focusing on the vital energy points. It provides a reduction in tension in the head, neck and shoulders. It is combined with a face massage focused on the pressure points. It activates the blood circulation and achieves a deep sense of relaxation. It is suitable for relief in people suffering from headaches and migraines.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 58€


Natural healing method based on the channelling and transfer of energy with the imposition of the hands. This ancient method is based on the natural ability of the body to heal itself. It revitalises body and soul, helps to reduce stress, frees blocked energy and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Swedish Massage

Based on the western knowledge of the anatomy and physiology, this massage is aimed at relieving tension and toning the muscles, which in turn benefits the blood circulation and expels toxins, helping the body to rediscover its natural balance and providing a sense of complete relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Deep Tissue Massage

Due to its technique, it is suitable for relieving deep muscular tension that has accumulated as a result of stressful situations over time or for people with a high body mass index, like athletes. It involves a deep pressure massage, in which the therapist uses their hands, arms and elbows to stimulate the muscles, with which your degree of mobility and flexibility will increase.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Duration: 50 min - Price: 72€

Anti-stress Massage


This massage is designed for people that want to unload their body and mind of everyday tension. Its action is concentrated on the area of the back, in order to free the muscles of tension in the neck, shoulders and back.  

Duration: 20 min - Price: 35€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It involves a technique that is more than 100 years old that applies soft, slow and rhythmic movements with the hands, which stimulates the lymphatic system and has excellent effects on areas with cellulite.  It regulates water balance in the body and improves return circulation, in turn being a deeply relaxing and calming treatment.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 69€

Duration: 80 min - Price: 98€


Aromatherapy is a millennial holistic science that forms part of natural medicine, is healing and essentially preventative. Essential oils are the basis of this whole body massage which, applied with a base lotion, help the body to combat infection, to initiate cell regeneration and reduce stress.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 70€

Stone Massage

Based on an ancestral Hawaiian ritual, it combines massage techniques with basalt stones of volcanic origin, which have unique mineral properties, as well as cold stones, hot stones and essential oils, with the aim to balance emotional, physical and spiritual energy. The level of relaxation achieved surpasses other techniques due to the fact that the basalt stones absorb heat and transfer it to the deepest bodily tissues, producing a deep sense of relaxation.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 120€

Tandem Head and Foot Massage

Let yourself be swept away while two therapists give you a massage to your head and feet at the same time, with a soft pressure and a slow rhythm. It includes acupressure for the face and neck, a scalp massage and relaxing foot massage. An experience aimed at achieving complete well-being.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€

Two by Two Massage

Share your relaxing experience with a partner or friend, receiving a body massage in the same booth, which is aimed at eliminating tension and toning the muscles, which benefits blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, helping the body to rediscover its natural balance and providing a complete relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€

Four Hand Massage

This synchronised, elegant and carefully choreographed massage is not to be missed, in which two therapists work in perfect harmony using a soft pressure and slow rhythm to provide a unique holistic massage that promotes well-being and relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€


Also called a prenatal massage it is aimed at relieving physical discomforts deriving from pregnancy. It is conducted with soft movements that will help back and shoulder pain to be relieved, while improving blood circulation in the feet to reduce heaviness.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 62€

Reflexology Massage


Based on the ancient belief that each bodily organ has its reflex point on the soles of the feet. These reflex points are stimulated in a soft way with a massage that is aimed at reducing tension, increasing energy levels and helping to rebalance the body.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 58€

Featherlike Legs


Relaxing massage promoting blood circulation and relief of tension, conducted with ascending drainage movements and a refreshing and invigorating gel that promotes a lightweight feeling. Ideal for relieving feelings of heaviness, tension and fluid retention.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 40€

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