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Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso

c/ Mar Mediterraneo, 7. E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España 0034-928-56-32-32


We offer the best selection of massage therapy techniques

Chiro-Golf Massage

A body massage given with golf balls; it helps to loosen muscle tensions, to improve flexibility and to recover physical energy.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Indian Head Massage

Massage working on your arms, shoulders, necks and head. This treatment is given while you are comfortably sitting down. It activates your blood circulation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 58€


This massage consists of a natural healing method based on energy transmission. It helps to reach complete harmony of body, mind and spirit and provides you with a deep sensation of peace and wellbeing.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Swedish Massage

This traditional body massage with almond oil has therapeutic effects on your body; it stimulates your blood circulation, invigorates your muscles and provides you with a complete relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a massage with profound pressure movements indicated for persons with highly developed muscles, such as sportsmen.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 72€

Anti-stress Massage

It concentrates on the back, loosening tense muscles of neck, shoulders and back.

Duration: 20 min - Price: 35€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It consists of slow, gentle, rhythmic and pumping hand movements stimulating the lymphatic system with excellent results on areas with cellulite and liquid deposits.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 69€

Duration: 80 min - Price: 98€


This massage consists of applying essential oils on the whole body with the result of a complete relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 70€

Stone Massage

It combines massage techniques with warm basalt stones, cold marble stones and the application of essential oils with the aim of balancing emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 120€

Tandem Head and Foot Massage

You will reach a complete relaxation while you receive a massage of your head and your feet at the same time.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€

Two by Two Massage

It provides you with the possibility of sharing the experience with your partner while enjoying a synchronized Swedish massage given by two therapists in a massage room for two.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€

Four Hand Massage

A synchronized massage of two therapists working in perfect harmony providing you a unique experience.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€


This relaxing massage with smooth movements is recommended to alleviate discomforts and aches of pregnancy; it improves blood circulation of the legs.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 62€

Reflexology Massage

It consists of a soft stimulation of the reflex points on the soles of your feet with the aim of loosening tensions and help to re-balance your body.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 58€

Featherlike Legs

A relaxing circulatory massage loosening leg contractions.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 40€

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