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PILEV: Lopesan information point about green energies

Lopesan, in its commitment to sustainability and adopting the technology developed in the PIVE Project (Technological Innovation Project of Canarias) has created an outreach center on internet called PILEV: Lopesan information point about green energies. It shows the amount of solar energy generated by each hotel every minute and its equivalent parameters indicating the degree applied on environmental protection.

PILEV Project within EcoLopesan

Lopesan, in its commitment to the environment and respect to the environment shows a developed sustainable management model as EcoLopesan, where they care about reducing, reusing and recycling and with that they achieved:

  • Over 60% of segregated waste for reuse or recycling
  • Recycle 300 tons of packaging and 450 tons of cardboard each year
  • Purify 1700m3 of water per day
  • Over 30% savings in energy consumption in four years
  • 7 GW of annual clean energy production
  • Savings of 4200 Tons of CO2 per year
"Ecolopesan": The involvement with the environment benefits everyone.

Proyect PILEV Lopesan

ECO-Hotels Lopesan

The video shows you how to achieve the self-sustainability of the "eco-hotels" Lopesan. You can also access data and information of the hotels:

Lopesan Baobab IFA Altamarena IFA Altamarena 2 IFA Beach
IFA Buenaventura IFA Catarina IFA Continental IFA Faro IFA Interclub 1 IFA Interclub 2

What data shows the PILEV project

On the project page you can consult the data obtained by Lopesan about various environmental indicators: Generic data about solar installations of Lopesan. Data of last week, yesterday and dynamic day data about green energy produced, production of solar energy or, CO2 savings in kg next to the equivalent in trees.

Proyecto Pilev Lopesan Proyecto Pilev Lopesan
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