Ruta completa por el circuito Spa Lopesan Costa Meloneras

Spas are an ideal place to relax and take care of yourself, either alone or in the company of friends or a partner. They offer a variety of wellness services and treatments, making them the perfect place to improve both physical and mental health.

Equipped with a wide variety of facilities such as swimming pools, sauna, massage rooms, circuits using natural water at different temperatures or even treatment packages that will make you gain a complete relaxation and wellness experience.

The fact is that going to the spa can have many benefits for health and personal wellness. Some of these benefits include:

  •       Relaxation and stress reduction.
  •       Relief of pain and muscle tension.
  •       Improved circulation.
  •       Improved sleep quality.
  •       Improved skin.
  •       Improved mental well-being.
  •       Opportunity to disconnect.

Are you familiar with the “Costa Meloneras Spa” in Gran Canaria?

The “Om Spa Costa Meloneras” center located in “Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa & Casino”, on the southern part of Gran Canaria, has modern facilities of more than 3,500 m2 where you can enjoy multiple services and an extraordinary circuit called “Spa Experience”.

Would you like to take a tour of the circuit with us? Here we present you with the complete route through the “Om Spa Costa Meloneras by Lopesan” circuit.


Lopesan Costa Meloneras Om Spa Circuit

  • The first room is the relaxation room with water beds, with a warm atmosphere and soft lighting, specially designed to promote the feeling of relaxation. The gentle swaying of the water beds, the music and the soft lighting of the room recreate a pleasant feeling of protection, similar to that felt by a child in the womb.
  • Next is the second room called the Himalayan salt cave, a very special room as it is the first room in Spain that recreates the atmosphere of a Himalayan salt cave. This crystalline salt extracted from natural deposits located at a depth of between 100 and 300 meters is an extraordinary source of energy for the proper functioning of the body and has a high iodine content. The cave acts as a natural ionizer that absorbs excess electromagnetic waves. Its use is therefore especially recommended for those who suffer from asthma, migraines or allergic diseases of the respiratory system.
  • We continue with a steam bath in the Saline Caldarium, a room with a decoration which is inspired by ancient Egyptian art at a temperature of 45 °C. Its use promotes the proper functioning of the respiratory system and improves the health of hair and skin. As a result of the heat, the pores of the skin open up, the blood capillaries dilate and blood circulation in the skin improves, initiating the process of eliminating toxins.

Ruta completa por el circuito Spa Lopesan Costa Meloneras


  • At this point, the water rooms begin, and the first one is the Kneipp cold water and reflexology pool, which consists of a cold water pool for the stimulation of feet and legs. It has small polished stones at the bottom that provide a special reflexology foot massage while walking on them. The cold water increases muscle tone, prevents varicose veins and edema in the lower limbs, and relieves tired legs.
  • Then there is the Lagoon pool, with body temperature water (35°C), ergonomic seats and waterfalls that provide a relaxing neck and upper back massage. Alternating its use with that of the cold water pool provides a stimulating effect on the blood circulation.
  • If we continue touring this wonderful circuit of the “Om Spa Costa Meloneras by Lopesan” we find Cosy Wall & Showers, which is a wall specially designed to support the back, while the warm water flowing from a waterfall runs down the body.
  • We continue with the unique sensations of the Aqua Dome room, where you can enjoy various experiences such as a storm-like water rain combined with light and sound effects similar to lightning and thunder, a tropical type of water rain and finally the third experience recreates the feeling of being under a 400-liter waterfall every 20 seconds. All of them increase the tonicity of the skin, leaving it tighter.
  • For a feeling of good energy and continuous relaxation, there is the Lava Relaxion Dome, with ergonomic loungers, lighting with colors inspired by the energy of the chakras, exotic aromas, soft sounds and a lava column in the center through which the water flows gently.
  • Next step is the traditional Arabian architecture of the Turkish Hammam room (Turkish bath), with a temperature of 45°C, a humidity between 80 and 90%, and a water fountain in the center for refreshment. The combination of hot steam and lemon balm essential oil helps hydrate and purify the skin, and thanks to the warmth of the room, toxins are eliminated through perspiration.

Ruta completa por el circuito Spa Lopesan Costa Meloneras


  • We move on to one of the signature rooms of the “Om Spa Costa Meloneras by Lopesan”, the Lava Float Pool. This room is a lava cave with a pool, inspired by the volcanic landscape characteristic of the Canary Islands. Thanks to the salts dissolved in the pool, the body floats gently in the water very much like in the Dead Sea. The special light and sound effects developed underwater contribute to accentuate this pleasant floating sensation, thus achieving one of the most effective forms of relaxation and well-being. The water temperature is between 33-35 °C.
  • We now move from a characteristic landscape of the Canary Islands to an African climate with the African sauna “Out of African Sauna”. This dry heat room opens the pores of the skin and promotes the elimination of toxins through perspiration.
  • It’s all about contrasts, and from the African sauna we move on to the last room, the Ice World, a very special room decorated with stalactites, as if it were the cave of a glacier. At a temperature of 4 °C, real ice is kept on the walls and ceiling, and there is a central grotto with ice to be applied to the body. Passing through it, you will finally reach an igloo with ergonomic warm seats, with a temperature of 15-20 °C, and a refreshing cold water shower with different levels of pressure and forms of application.

We hope you enjoyed our wonderful tour of the “Om Spa Costa Meloneras” circuit, where, in addition to this “Spa Experience”, you can add to the experience any of the service packages carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each person.

Going to the spa can be a very beneficial experience for both physical and mental health and wellness, and in the “Om Spa Lopesan Costa Meloneras” circuit we help you to live a unique experience.



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