Nowadays, more and more people are looking for an oasis on their holidays due to work stress and routine. People look for a place where they can relax and forget their day-to-day concerns. In Lopesan, we offer Thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria, a proven technique to reduce stress and improve health. Find it at Lopesan Spa and Thalaso at Meloneras hotels.

If you have not tried thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria yet or you haven’t even heard about it, we will explain below what it is and in which of our hotels in Gran Canaria you can do some sessions to disconnect completely.

Thalassotherapy characteristics

Do you like to spend your holidays near the sea? Often, the sand on the beach or the sea water works as elements that help us relax on our holidays. Can you imagine a therapy that includes these elements? You can try some thalassotherapy sessions in Gran Canaria.

The sea provides antibiotic properties and offers a therapeutic effect. This is because it is composed of iodine, potassium, zinc and other nutrients that contribute to improve our health. That is why thalassotherapy takes advantage of the benefits of salt water to give you the best treatment for your body.

Among the characteristics of thalassotherapy you will find the use of natural ingredients to provide the best treatment. It uses the resources of the sea such as water, algae, sand and other substances to provide you with the best benefits for physical and mental health.

Benefits for the body

Muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation are among the benefits of thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria. It also relieves muscle aches and contributes to skin rejuvenation.

Moreover, if you suffer from breathing problems, hypertension or rheumatic pain, doing thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria is the best way to treat these ailments. Other benefits for your mental health are the relief of the accumulated tension.

Due to sea water is relaxing, doing thalassotherapy sessions in Gran Canaria is the best option for those who suffer from anxiety and have problems falling asleep or suffer from insomnia.

Thalassotherapy circuits in Gran Canaria

The Corallium Spa offers its services at the Lopesan Costa Meloneras and Lopesan Villa del Conde hotels, the latter being one of the best thalassotherapy circuits in Gran Canaria.

Next, we will explain what each one consists of and what services are included in each session.

Thalasso Experience Circuit

This circuit consists of immersing yourself in a spectacular seawater pool to proceed with hydrotherapy. Among the services included, you will find the steam bath with fragrances, multisensory showers, saline inhalations and swimming pools with light and sound sessions. This circuit can be completed in a period of 3 hours or in a day, according to your needs.


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Private Jacuzzi with ocean view

If you are looking for more privacy, you can choose to rent a private Jacuzzi for yourself or as a couple, you can immerse yourself in a saltwater pool and you will have beds overlooking the wonderful Atlantic Ocean. In addition, you can enjoy an excellent infusion of free tea.

Oceanic paradise for couples

This circuit offers you a session of hydrotherapy with sea water in an environment decorated with candles and aromas so that you can enjoy Thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria with your partner.


Finally, Thalasso has several body treatments, nourishing, exfoliating and remodelling, in which natural marine elements such as salts, algae and sea mud are used in order to soften, moisturize and firm the skin. We also recommend that you request information on facial treatments designed to help you improve the natural beauty of your face.

Recommendations for thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria

Thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria is an experience that you should live at least once in a lifetime. However, like any other spa and massage treatment, you must consider certain aspects before making a reservation and enjoy the benefits of the different sessions.

  1. Always make your reservations in advance. We also recommend punctuality to fully enjoy thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria.
  2. Remember to drink plenty of water and follow the recommendations of the staff for thalassotherapy sessions.
  3. If you have any disease or skin problems, you must inform the therapist in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. We also recommend that, in case you feel uncomfortable with the environment, music or the massage session, tell the staff immediately. The idea is that you can enjoy the maximum comfort possible.
  5. And most importantly, relax. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let thalassotherapy give you the best effects on your body and mind.


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Offers for your travel

Thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria is one of the best treatments you can enjoy during your vacation on the island. You can experience a therapy that will bring body-mind balance to you. This way, when you return from your trip, you will return full of energy.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of thalassotherapy in Gran Canaria, you can make your reservations at the Lopesan Villa del Conde hotel where, in addition, you will enjoy high-quality five-star accommodation.

For any questions, fill out our form. We will assist you immediately!

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