Los 5 mejores tratamientos corporales de spa

Escapades to a paradise such as the Canary Islands can recharge your mind and your spirit. If you complete your stay in a magnificent hotel with the best treatments for your body, you will feel like never before.

At Lopesan Hotel Group, we provide you with excellent body treatment packages. Would you like to know which are the most recommended?


Body exfoliation treatment

Also known as body peeling, it is one of the most recommended and effective body treatments. This treatment involves removing dead skin cells that accumulate in the outer layers of the skin.

The benefits are numerous:

  • It reduces the dirtiness of your skin.
  • Boosts the natural process of peeling.
  • Generates greater cell regeneration.
  • Promotes blood circulation.

In fact, cell regeneration is a process that your body carries out naturally. Approximately every 28 days your cells are completely renewed. However, age, lack of care, improper nutrition and other factors affect this natural regeneration.

When the abundance of accumulated dead cells exceeds what is adequate, the consequences are negative. The skin becomes less oxygenated and loses its health, radiance and freshness.

This treatment, relaxing and pleasant to receive, is an important stimulus for the improvement of your skin. The epidermis is completely clean, refreshed, stimulated and free of roughness, hardness and remains of dead cells. At the end of the treatment, you will feel good and look better.

Los 5 mejores tratamientos corporales de spa


Aloe vera body wrap treatment

Among the most attractive types of spa body treatments, the so-called wraps stand out. Have you heard of them? They are, at the same time, aesthetic and medicinal procedures.

They are always performed by applying natural ingredients on your body. Immediately, this is covered to enhance the desired effects. Their origin dates back to ancient times and their results are immediately noticeable.

The procedure to follow is similar in all cases:

  • Exfoliation of the area to be treated.
  • Application of the chosen product; in this case, aloe vera.
  • Placement of linen bandages or other tissues on the body.
  • Final cleansing and massage.

Aloe vera is a fantastic natural product to renew and moisturize your skin. It has immense healing power, moisturizes, provides softness, reduces inflammation and repairs sunburn. Therefore, it becomes an excellent antibiotic, bactericidal, emollient and disinfectant protector. Your skin is hydrated, healed, relaxed, fresh and beautiful after the application of these aloe vera body spa treatments.

The procedure, which lasts for more than an hour, is absolutely relaxing, regenerating and soothing. It becomes a session of disconnection and physical and mental peace during which you get an absolute renewal. The process is as natural as possible, and the results are immediately noticeable.


Seaweed wrap treatment

Shall we continue with the wraps? Seaweed wraps are becoming increasingly popular in our body treatment packages. It is, nowadays, one of the most demanded procedures. Applied by expert hands, it provides wonderful virtues.

Marine algae are natural organisms with a great wealth of proteins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. When applied in the form of a wrap, they offer optimal results to reduce cellulite and model the figure in an attractive way.

They also promote cleansing, hydration and nutrition of the skin on which they are applied. At the same time, they combat toxins and eliminate them to a great extent.

Their use is beneficial, above all, to reduce aspects such as skin flaccidity, fluid retention and localized fat. Thanks to their impressive moisturizing power and the metabolism activation they promote, they generate a very useful ionic action against cellulite.

The best part? This procedure is relaxing, satisfying and even pleasurable.


Dead Sea Mud Wrap Treatment

It may sound paradoxical that organic substances from the Dead Sea revitalize and bring so much life to your skin. The truth is that it is so, and by applying its mud in the form of a wrap, the epidermal improvement is evident.

This procedure is especially recommended for all types of dry skin. If you need to moisturize yours and want to give it a rejuvenated, glowing and beautiful appearance, the Dead Sea is often the source of skin vitality you desire.

We are talking about a wrap rich in minerals, especially sodium, magnesium and calcium. Its application is fantastic for releasing joint and muscle tension. In a relaxing and serene way, you will improve your mobility and well-being after a session. If you have muscle pain, do not hesitate to apply it.

Your skin will also look much younger and fresher. The ability of this treatment to regenerate, absorb impurities and reduce the accumulation of oil and acne is excellent. The soothing, relaxing and detoxifying effects are noticeable at the end of the wrap.

Los 5 mejores tratamientos corporales de spa


Perfect silhouette treatment

Would you like to help your body achieve a more beautiful and slender silhouette? Among our body spa treatments, this alternative to optimize your figure stands out.

It is a certain, effective and productive treatment that can be applied to any part of the body. It is a technological action performed with high frequency to rebuild cells.

Among its advantages are the reduction of localized fat, the natural elimination of toxins and the prevention and reduction of cellulite. In short, after a procedure that activates blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, you get a striking reduction in body volume.

On the other hand, it becomes an anti-stress and relaxing activity, as you perceive it as a regenerating and comfortable massage. It is, therefore, a great complement in periods of slimming, rehabilitation and recovery from chronic fatigue.

Enjoy these treatments for the body in our hotels

At Lopesan Hotel Group, we provide you with a regenerating, vital and memorable experience. We want to help you disconnect, rest and improve your body and your mood. That’s why our body treatment packages complete a range of services that will fill you with satisfaction and wellbeing.

Check it out at our Om Spa Lopesan Costa Meloneras by Lopesan center or at any of our other accommodations. Complete your vacation retreat with the best spa body treatments.



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