Los 5 mejores tratamientos faciales de spa que no puedes perderte

It is well known by everyone that it is as important to take care of yourself on the outside as it is on the inside. However, in our day-to-day lives, routine prevents us from doing it properly. We don’t always find the right time… or the right place.


Choosing the right facial treatments at a spa is the key to getting the results you expect. Here are some of the options offered by the Om Spa Costa Meloneras by Lopesan, where you can count on a personalized attention and comprehensive advice. If you want to know which are some of the therapies that provide the best results, keep reading!


Collagen treatment

It is one of the most requested among the facial rituals of our spa, as amazing results are achieved thanks to a modeling effect that involves all layers of the skin. We use a cocktail containing essential nutrients and collagen with three different molecular weights, a biochemical structure that guarantees deep penetration.


The first step is make-up removal, then we proceed with a deep cleansing and detoxifying facial cleansing in the spa. The objective is to prepare the skin to achieve the maximum benefits of the therapy. The peeling has the purpose of removing layers of dead cells, to stimulate the replacement of new epidermis all over the face. This peeling also helps to fade fine lines, opens pores and removes debris.


Finally, for the last phase, a collagen veil is applied for 50 minutes, which gives you a long-lasting lifting effect thanks to the redensifying effect that occurs in the skin. The protein is supplied together with revitalizing agents to stimulate its production. This way, the treatment generates a prolonged effect over time.

The result is a fresh, healthy and luminous complexion, from which wrinkles and flaccidity have disappeared. The features are redefined and the oval of the face recovers its smoothness, thanks to the recovery of the skin’s elasticity.

Los 5 mejores tratamientos faciales de spa que no puedes perderte


Ocean Men treatment

The Ocean Men 50 treatment consists of a facial cleansing, essential in order to open up the pores, eliminate dead cells and remove facial hair. In the Ocean Men 80 ritual, this cleansing is deeper, because it aims to rid the skin of excess sebum and allow deeper hydration when applying the mask.

The peeling is best suited to complete these effects, as it removes impurities and provides a youthful and revitalized appearance. A massage is then administered, which constitutes a relaxing facial treatment, activates blood and lymphatic circulation and purifies toxins from the tissues.

The mask has very intense moisturizing and nourishing effects, suitable for the male epidermis. It is applied to dry, clean skin over the entire surface of the face, except for the areas around the eyes and mouth. Leave on, rinse with lukewarm water and the result is a matte, even, and healthy-looking skin.

Facial rejuvenation treatment

Corallium Cosmetics offers you a range of natural alternatives thanks to its exclusive products. It is the result of a careful selection of components, among which vegetable extracts and ingredients of marine origin stand out. Their successful combination ensures the high effectiveness of these beauty treatments.

Like all our treatments, make-up removal, peeling and stimulating massage are steps prior to the application of the rejuvenating mask. It is an effective anti-aging cosmetic, specifically formulated to achieve an accentuated rejuvenation.

The facial treatment mask of our Spa creates a lifting effect that is appreciated from the first moment, with an intense and prolonged hydration. After 80 minutes, the feeling achieved is that of a tightening of the complexion, thanks to a pronounced botox-like action, which noticeably reduces the depth and length of wrinkles.


Hidra Marine Treatment

Hidra Marine 80 minutes is an intensive treatment for dry and sensitive skin that stabilizes the cutaneous protective barrier. It contains compounds with various actions that act in synergy to provide you with a feeling of comfort. The treatment begins with a deep cleansing, peeling with massage and the application of the facial mask.

Thanks to its ingredients of marine origin, the Hidra Marine treatment soothes irritated skin, while lubricating, moisturizing and repairing tissues damaged by premature aging. In addition, it provides the epidermis with vitamins C and A, with nourishing and antioxidant properties, which protect against external harmful agents and provide renewed elasticity.

Ginseng has a revitalizing power that reconditions the skin to restore its youthful appearance. Another plant-based ingredient, horse chestnut extract, produces a vasoconstriction that eliminates redness.

Los 5 mejores tratamientos faciales de spa que no puedes perderte


Pure & Fresh Treatment

Pure & Fresh 80 minutes and 50 minutes are therapies that purify, cleanse and provide a feeling of freshness to mixed, oily or seborrheic-prone skin. They eliminate accumulated secretion and combat its excess, by means of a mechanism that controls the activity of the glands. Deep cleansing is an indispensable preliminary step in all our treatments, as well as peeling and massage.

This long-lasting sebum-regulating action gives you a skin free of shine and the annoying greasy sensation caused by changes in temperature or sun exposure. It also tightens pores and provides a smooth, uniform appearance by restoring the balance of sebaceous gland secretory activity.


” A facial spa near me”

This is the kind of thought we want you to have when you visit us at the Om Spa Lopesan Costa Meloneras center. In order to take care of you as you deserve, we have 3,500 square meters of facilities, located in an environment designed for relaxation. You will be able to enjoy our very exclusive body and facial beauty treatments.

Furthermore, you will be able to have a unique and very special experience with Spa Experience, a circuit made up of different hydrotherapy areas, where you will find water at different temperatures. A treatment that improves the skin and the cardiovascular system, in addition to promoting inner harmony.

Our facial treatments at the spa activate the natural mechanisms that provide balance to the skin, with relaxing and revitalizing effects that provide well-being. What more could you ask for?



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