The Canary Islands are becoming increasingly popular with lovers of the deep sea. Diving in Gran Canaria attracts both professionals and those who wish to get started in this liberating practice that makes you feel one with the ocean.

If you choose Gran Canaria for your first dive, it can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Not only because of the pleasurable feeling of weightlessness underwater, but also because of the breathtaking views offered by the island’s marine fringe. You’ll discover a wealth of protected species and rich biodiversity, making it a true diver’s paradise. In fact, it is considered one of the top 100 diving destinations in the world.

So much so that, in 2005, UNESCO awarded the western part of the island the title of Biosphere Reserve, recognising its unique biodiversity characteristics and the harmonious integration of human beings. This guarantees the protection and quality of the environment, which ensures an exceptional visual spectacle, as almost 35% of the Biosphere Reserve is submerged in the sea and is home to the best diving sites in Gran Canaria.

But it is not only the western area, which forms part of this nature reserve, that is sought after by diving enthusiasts. The coastline of Gran Canaria stretches for 230 kilometres, offering endless possibilities for diving enthusiasts. The water temperature, which ranges between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, allows you to enjoy this activity all year round without the need to wear a wetsuit.

While Gran Canaria is known for its white, golden or black sand beaches, the same diversity can be found in its depths. In fact, it is considered that under the waters of Gran Canaria you can find small-scale samples of all the seas. The island has a volcanic origin, which gives its coastline a peculiar and very heterogeneous orography, which explains the great biodiversity that attracts diving enthusiasts.

But not everyone is looking for the same thing when diving in the depths of the ocean. Those who dive in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria usually highlight the large number of marine species to be found, ranging from colourful fish to turtles, octopuses, starfish, rays, moray eels and barracudas. Other enthusiasts look for wrecks and sunken ships, which has become one of the most popular diving activities for those curious about diving.


Diving areas in the south of Gran Canaria

Although the western part of the island is known to divers as the home of the Biosphere Reserve, the south of Gran Canaria is also highly valued by diving enthusiasts. This is where 70% of the island’s divers are to be found. Below, we highlight the most outstanding spots.

Puerto de Mogán

Considered the best area for advanced diving in the whole island, it is especially valued for being the resting place of many shipwrecks, such as the Blue Bird, an old fishing boat sunk at a depth of about 40 metres and which serves as a refuge for a great diversity of marine fauna.

El Pajar

This is a shallow reef, no deeper than five metres, with many rocks and large schools of colourful fish lurking on them. You may also come across a manta ray on your dive.

Pasito Blanco

In this area you can visit a reef at a depth of about 19 metres. It is almost circular in shape and protrudes from the sand by one metre, although there are heights of up to three metres. A large number of marine species are concentrated here.


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Diving areas in the east of Gran Canaria

Discover the exciting diving areas in the southeast coast of Gran Canaria where the island offers a wide oceanic platform with a fascinating seabed. With depths of up to 30 metres, these areas are ideal for diving enthusiasts in search of underwater adventures.

El Cabrón Marine Reserve

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the marine reserve of El Cabrón, one of the most popular diving areas in Gran Canaria that stands out for its easy access from the beach. This incredible underwater area offers you a unique experience, with a special feature that makes it especially surprising: a sharp drop of 23 metres to a depth of just 12 metres.

Risco Verde

Located to the north of Arinaga beach, Risco Verde is a highly valued dive site for beginners, offering calm dives up to 20 metres deep. Many enthusiasts recommend this site for night dives, adding a unique and exciting experience to your underwater adventure.

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Created by a volcanic eruption, it is known for its beautiful caves, crevices and underwater formations that can be explored up to 15 metres deep. It is a regular spot for encountering stingrays, making it an exciting experience for marine life lovers.


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Diving areas in the north of Gran Canaria

The diving areas in the north of Gran Canaria are known for their natural beauty and rich marine life. With impressive geological formations, caves and underwater reefs, this region offers exciting diving opportunities for lovers of underwater exploration.


The Cathedral

In front of Las Palmas islet, in the depths of the sea, stands a natural cathedral of volcanic origin. Nature has created impressive interconnected caves, vaults and arches that evoke the grandeur of a Gothic architectural structure. Diving into the waters surrounding La Catedral is a unique experience, where divers can admire these underwater geological formations and enjoy a truly spectacular setting.

Las Canteras Beach Bar

The Las Canteras sandbank provides a perfect opportunity to discover the fascinating underwater world in a safe and controlled environment. Divers can enjoy a relaxed dive while exploring the rich marine life and familiarising themselves with basic diving techniques. It is a perfect corner for those looking for a comfortable and safe diving experience in a spectacular coastal setting.

Sardina and Puerto de las Nieves

This is the islanders’ special spot, as few tourists visit it. It can reach a depth of 25 metres and the views are spectacular. Here you can swim with all the native Canarian marine fauna while inspecting the caves and tunnels.

In short, diving in Gran Canaria is valued by those who want to dive all year round. Fans from all over the world come to this island because of the spectacular depths of its waters, who know the exclusive waters of this privileged corner of the Atlantic.


Where to stay in Gran Canaria while discovering its underwater mysteries?

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