The natural pool Aguas Verdes in Fuerteventura is one of the places that you cannot miss if you want to know the main treasures of the island of Fuerteventura.

It is a spectacular place to spend a different day at the beach, while enjoying some exquisite views in the middle of natural pools that are located next to the ocean.

If you want to get away from civilization and crowds, here you will have the opportunity to disconnect from everything and simply get in touch with the magic that the landscapes of the place harbor.

If you want to know more about the Aguas Verdes pool in Fuerteventura, be sure to read this article where we tell you what you can do and see if you visit these emblematic crystalline waters with a greenish hue.

How to get to Aguas Verdes in Fuerteventura?

The way to get to Aguas Verdes, in Fuerteventura, is very simple and if you want to enjoy more privacy, it is not advisable to stop at the first puddles, since these are the most visited by tourists and locals. It is best to move towards the rocks or climb the hills to find the perfect place to enjoy the scenery.

To visit the Aguas Verdes pools in Fuerteventura, you have to ride in a 4 x 4 Vehicle. Take the road that starts from the town of Betancuria and once you have arrived, you can go along the dirt roads that connect to these natural pools.

How was the natural pool of Aguas Verdes formed?

The formation of the Aguas Verdes pools in Fuerteventura dates back to about 100 million years ago, when the island was created from a volcanic eruption. Due to the action of the sea, the volcanic terrain was eroding  and, as a result of this natural phenomenon, a set of ponds originated: these, at the same time that they are nourished with water from the open sea to the Atlantic Ocean, they are protected from strong waves by natural volcanic walls.

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What to do in the Aguas Verdes pool in Fuerteventura?

Aguas Verdes is one of the most charming places in Fuerteventura where you can enjoy six kilometers dotted by puddles and sea inlets, which are worth a visit to have the opportunity to rest and regain energy.

One of the main attractions in this place are the squirrels that you will find before reaching the natural pools, as well as some crabs that populate the rocks of the pools.


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In these natural volcanic pools, there are different activities to do either as a family, as a couple or alone, in addition to the beautiful landscapes that can be contemplated, among which the following stand out:

Underwater volcanic landscapes

This is an ideal place to look at the reefs and rock formations that are underwater and along the entire coast. You only need snorkel goggles and a tube. Also, it has the advantage that the average temperature is 21 degrees throughout the year.

A picnic

A picnic is a great alternative to enjoy the day in Aguas Verdes in Fuerteventura, but if you prefer to try local food, you can also choose to visit any of the restaurants that are near this area, approximately 10 kilometers away.

Some of the best-known dishes of the gastronomy of the area are the delicious goat meat burgers, an animal that occupies a prominent place in the island’s livestock, or the fried fish “of the day”, caught by local fishermen.

Basalt dikes

As you walk along the right bank of the beach along the cliff, you will be able to observe a set of spectacular basalt dikes that recall the famous Flysch area of ​​Zumaia, rocky geological formations found in the municipalities Zumaia, Mutriku and Deba de la Costa Basque and were raised by the natural force of the earth to form vertical walls.

Watching the sunsets

If there is something that is wonderful about the natural pools of Aguas Verdes, it is their sunsets, in which a beautiful painting of the sky is drawn with spectacular tones and contrasts. When you visit this place, do not forget to take the opportunity to watch the sunset.

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Recommendations for visiting Aguas Verdes in Fuerteventura

So that you can fully enjoy your walk through Aguas Verdes in Fuerteventura, we recommend that you put into practice some tips that will allow you to fully enjoy this tour to a place that is more than perfect for those who want to disconnect and simply enjoy beautiful views and all the charm that is hidden in those salt water pools.

  • Be careful with the waves, because sometimes the tide rises so high that waves of more force often enter puddles, so if you notice that this is happening, be careful and do not enter the pools.
  • Bring some food and drink because in Aguas Verdes in Fuerteventura the restaurants and Commercial premises where to buy this kind of products are approximately 10 kilometers away.
  • Try to bathe only when the tide of Aguas Verdes is low, since, when it is high, the waves can push the people to the rocks.

Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

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