The Almond Blossom Route in Gran Canaria is a journey that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to visit the island at the beginning of the year.

Increasingly popular, this ancient Canarian celebration has gathered more than 10,000 visitors in recent years. If you want to be part of the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria, we bring you all the details about its origin and route.

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The almond: a sweet fruit

Its origin is not native to the island, but it has become one of the most important fruits in several Canarian towns such as Tejeda and Valsequillo, with more than 3000 hectares of almond trees scattered throughout the midlands of Gran Canaria.

Since the Spanish conquest in the 16th and 18th centuries, the almond has become over the decades the most representative dried fruit gastronomy in the islands. Typical sweets such as bienmesabe, garrapiñadas or marzipan are a sample of some delicious products that its inhabitants make with this fruit.

The flowering of the almond tree occurs at the end of January and the beginning of February, and at this time the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria is celebrated, which brings together thousands of visitors from all corners, in one of its ancient traditions. During your visit you will be able to enjoy the visual spectacle that extends through the areas of the summit and midlands.


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The Almond Blossom Route in Gran Canaria

The Almond Blossom Route in Gran Canaria is not only a route to enjoy in the months of January and February, but it is a traditional Canarian festival that represents the most genuine identity of its rural people. Therefore, both the agricultural and livestock sectors carry out multiple activities on these dates.

Several towns in the center of the island are filled with almond trees in all their splendor and the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria begins along with other activities organized by the different town councils of the municipalities included in this route. So, on your getaway you will be able to observe and delight yourself with all the nuances that the flowering of almond trees brings, as well as getting to know several towns on the island.

Get to know Valsequillo on the Almond Blossom route in Gran Canaria

One of the most famous Almond Blossom Routes in Gran Canaria covers the territory located between the town of Valsequillo and the Las Vegas neighborhood, also in this municipality. The town of Valsequillo is located in a valley with an approximate height of 600 meters above sea level, surrounded by various mountains that are more than 1600 meters long.

The route between the town of Valsequillo and Las Vegas is only 1900 meters long, which is covered for about an hour, depending on the step you take. Therefore, we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and fresh to walk without problems.

There is no rush; we recommend you enjoy the unique surroundings of the Almond Blossom Route in Gran Canaria. Due to the diversity of natural settings, it is a real wonder for those who did it and enjoyed this type of landscape. With this, you already know that the island of Gran Canaria is not only known for its spectacular beaches, but also hides several trails that cross beautiful places.

In Valsequillo there are 9 different routes for all tastes and levels of difficulty. These can be done in a guided way or alone.  If you like this type of outdoor activity, the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria will not disappoint you because it hides many magical corners inside.

Archaeological Traces

If you think that the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria only consists of observing the beautiful landscapes that create trees that produce almonds, you are wrong, because in Valsequillo you can discover more than 20 archaeological settlements, unique to know.

The main archaeological traces are located in the Barranco de San Miguel, where you can find various pre-Hispanic caves. Highly recommended if you like history and this type of ancient territories, which show a bit of Canarian culture.


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Almond Tree Festival in Blossom Gran Canaria

Another town that dresses up at the end of January and the beginning of February is Tejeda, which is approximately 10 kilometers from Valsequillo. Here, in addition to taking one of the routes of the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria, you can also enjoy the parties organized in honor of the flowering.

The Almond Blossom Festival in Gran Canaria takes place in Tejeda, since more than 80% of the fruits are found in this territory. In it, the inhabitants celebrate several of the ancient Canarian traditions and it is included in the list of Festivals of National Tourist Interest in Spain.

The town hall of the municipality of Tejeda organizes a whole plan of activities to celebrate this festival that reflects its identity like no other, which largely revolves around this product. Crafts, dances, traditional music and typical elaborations fill the streets not only of Tejeda, but also of the neighborhoods of this municipality of Gran Canaria.

Visit Gran Canaria

The route and festival of the Route of the Almond Blossom in Gran Canaria teaches you an important part of the identity and culture in the Canary Islands. The island is rich in traditions and places to visit, such as its paradisiacal beaches, such as the extensive Playa del Inglés, and its beautiful ravines for hiking.

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