Anfi del Mar is one of the best beaches escape to the island of Gran Canaria. This place is characterized by its white sands (brought from the Caribbean) and a calm sea, where you can enjoy the greatest moments with your loved ones.

If you want to discover all the activities and places to visit on Anfi del Mar beach, here, on the Group blog Lopesan we will reveal all its secrets.

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Anfi del Mar Beach

This attractive tourist destination is in the municipality of Mogán, between the towns of Arguineguín and Puerto Rico, in the south of Gran Canaria.

Anfi del Mar is shaped by several ravines, in which more than one natural setting is hidden waiting for you to visit them.

The idea of ​​building this oasis arises from combining the best attributes of the Caribbean with those of the Canary Islands. For this reason, in the 90s a Norwegian businessman brought from the Bahamas more than 500 tons of white sand, which was located next to the blue water of the south coast of Gran Canaria.

Let’s not forget also that the island of Gran Canaria, in addition to having a wide diversity of beaches and landscapes, has a pleasant climate during all four seasons. So, if you want to visit Anfi del Mar beach during the summer or winter, it will be pleasant at both times of the year.

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What to know about Anfi del Mar?

Within Anfi del Mar, in Gran Canaria, there are several sites and beaches to explore, where you can if you want to lie in the hammock to sunbathe, hire a boat trip, or enjoy the best services that the local business offer you.

⮚ Playa de Balito

La Playa Anfi del Mar is nestled by two semilunar dikes. At one end is Balito Beach with more than 40 meters wide and 200 meters long of gravel and stones.

Out of the two beaches that create Anfi del Mar, this is the least known, since it does not have rental services and showers. This is what makes Balito Beach an ideal place to disconnect and walk while enjoying the sun.

⮚ La Verga Beach

One of the natural accidents that shape Anfi del mar is called Barranco de La Verga, that’s where this second beach takes its name.

Unlike Balito, La Verga beach is better known among tourists for all the services offered in the area: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, toilets, bars, restaurants, etc.

Its space is smaller, with only 180 meters long and 40 wide, but between the two different spaces, this is the most popular.

⮚ Isla de Anfi

On the same artificial beach, a heart-shaped islet called La Isla de Anfi was built, on which the Maroa Beach club of Anfi del Mar is located. Inside this place, you will find shops and places to drink and eat.

The boats of the Blue Bird lines that connect with the ports of Arguineguín, Puerto Rico, and Mogán also depart from Anfi Island. Also, these boats allow underwater vision thanks to their glass bottom.

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Activities in Anfi del Mar Gran Canaria

The fun does not end with the two beaches, since one of the greatest advantages in Anfi del Mar is the immense amount of water activities to be carried out within this artificial oasis. Do you want to discover what they are?

⮚ Diving and snorkeling

If you like the idea of ​​swimming and getting to know the marine species of the Canary Islands, in Anfi del Mar you can practice diving. Remember that Gran Canaria has one of the richest ecosystems in the archipelago, so diving in these calm waters will be a unique experience.

In case you prefer to dive closer to the surface, there is also a snorkelling service. Designed for all tastes!

⮚ Water Sports.

The range of water sports at Anfi del Mar is designed to satisfy all ages and tastes: bananas, crazy sofas, and a jet ski rental are just some of the recreational activities.

For families who love sports such as paddle surfing and water skiing, on this beach, they will have the possibility of renting equipment or hiring these services throughout the year.

Another of the most popular attractions on La Verga beach is water skydiving. Imagine contemplating all that panorama while having fun from the sky.

⮚ Enjoy the sunset

Due to its location and the favourable climate, Anfi del Mar in Gran Canaria has one of the most beautiful sunsets, which will give the perfect end to a day of rest in this place. And if you like photography, forget about portraying such a spectacle of nature.

⮚ Planning a boat trip

During your stay in Anfi del Mar, you have the possibility of renting different types of boats with which you can navigate its calm and crystalline waters, and where you may meet some of the wonderful marine species in the area.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

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