Are you familiar with the culture of the Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic’s culture is a melting pot of influences with very diverse influences and origins. This cultural mix makes it extraordinary and magnetic.

It is a cheerful, fun and very welcoming country, which makes it an extraordinary destination to disconnect and enjoy life.

Dominican Republic traditions

With its Spanish, African and Taino roots, the ways of the Dominican Republic seduce from the very first contact. As a traveler, you feel welcome from the first minute, in a warm and friendly environment that makes you enjoy yourself.

Among the culture of Punta Cana and the rest of the country, we have selected three traditions that stand out in a special way:

  • The Dominican flag. We are referring to its gastronomic version, consisting of white rice, red beans and stewed beef or chicken. Lunch at noon is the norm and you should not miss it during your visit.
  • Christmas charamico. At Christmas, this native version of the traditional tree is very eye-catching. The branches are painted white and have a conical shape. By mid-October, you will see them in shopping malls.
  • The carnival vejigazos. Be careful, it hurts! The diablos cojuelos chase pedestrians and whip them to keep the demons away. The Malecón de Santo Domingo is the best area to enjoy this parade. But just to be safe, do it from a distance.

Dominican way of life

The daily lifestyle, beyond the aforementioned Dominican Republic traditions, is absolutely magnetic for visitors. Parties and dancing are a constant in the native daily life. The joy and good humor are permanent, contagious and appreciated at any moment of everyday life in the Dominican Republic.

At stores, in lodgings or on the means of transportation you will find people who are helpful, affable, affectionate and very flirtatious with foreigners; they may even invite you to enjoy a family celebration if you extend the conversation a little longer!

In general, it is a hedonistic society that loves to enjoy everyday pleasures. Music, good company, humor, and a carefree attitude are constant in their daily lives. In this sense, they know how to disconnect and relax. Usually, after their professional activity, they dedicate time to relaxation.

They spend their holidays at the beach, partying and socializing. Local beer and rum, with cola or Sprite, are the most popular alcoholic beverages.


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Parties in Dominican Republic

In general, parties in the Dominican Republic are characterized by the importance of music during celebrations. The joy is contagious, the locals give their all and you have to be ready to dance in order not to lose their wake. The atmosphere is stimulating and vital.

The Catholic traditions of the Dominican Republic keep Christmas and Easter as the most important holidays of the year in the country.

You should also remember the national holidays in its festive calendar, among which the following stand out:

  • Altagracia Day, patron saint of the Dominican population.
  • Duarte Day, in honor of the birth of Juan Duarte, the national hero.
  • Independence Day, in which the separation from Haiti is celebrated.
  • Restoration Day, which commemorates national independence from Spain.

Local patron saint festivities complete these commemorations and celebrations. Last but not least, Carnival is the most vibrant, colorful and spectacular party of the year – you will have a great time during these dates!

Dominican popular music

Merengue is inseparable from social life in the Dominican Republic. It is the national music and dance of the country, which is ever-present in all local festivities and celebrations. Since 2016, it is considered a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The oldest and most popular version is known as perico ripiao, and was born in Cibao, a region located in the northern part of the country. In the colonial area of Santo Domingo you can enjoy it live with great quality. It is often played in discotheques and nightclubs.

On the other hand, bachata is another popular Dominican music. Nowadays, it is fashionable all over the world, even among the younger audience. It has been part of everyday life on the island for many decades. It is not surprising that some of the most famous authors of this genre in the world are Dominican.

The main characteristic of this Caribbean music is that it reaches deep into your being and encourages you to dance, to enjoy and “a gozal”, as they say. You will love the musicality of their speech, with those L’s replacing the R’s in some of their most charming pronunciations!


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Dominican Food

The richest flavors of the Caribbean await you in this wonderful country. The fusion of the indigenous recipes of the Tainos with the cuisine from the Spanish conquistadors and the flavors of the African slaves make up a unique gastronomy.

Among the most typical dishes, beyond the aforementioned Dominican flag, are the following:

  • Sancocho. It is a brothy stew that includes various meats, vegetables, tubers, white rice, avocado, etc.
  • Mangú. It is a delicious green plantain puree, easy to make and exquisite to the palate.
  • Dominican rice. It is a basic ingredient in the meals of the country, present in many of its typical dishes and as a general accompaniment.
  • Mofongo. It is a surprising dish of African origin. Best to try it rather than have it explained to you!

Punta Cana craftsmanship

The handicrafts and customs of Punta Cana are similar to those of the rest of the country. If you want to buy traditional products from this area, choose their samples of Taino handicrafts, limé dolls and pictures painted by local artists. Dominican coffee, rum and mamajuana are also reference souvenirs. Larimar and amber complete the typical handicraft alternatives of this region.

Having reached the end of this article, the conclusion is clear: traveling to this country is a must. The nature and culture of the Dominican Republic are wonderful. You will enjoy a unique disconnection and soul regeneration. Fun, music, good food, joyful parties, artisan products and charming people await you in this paradise. Choose now your accommodation among the best hotels in the Dominican Republic.


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