Canary Islands: what is the perfect island for your summer?


The archipelago of the Canary Islands is made up of 7 islands with different landscapes, which makes each one attractive for a type of traveler according to their interests and preferences. However, which is the best Canary island to spend summer on the beach? What are its main characteristics?

In this article, you will know the perfect island for your summer and what makes it ideal for lovers of the sea and the beach.

How are the Canary Islands?

The islands are one of the best destinations in Spain to spend the summer, although the warm climate is maintained throughout the year thanks to its geographical location, at this time of year the temperatures are higher.

On each island you can find endless options to enjoy as a family, as a couple or alone, so we will briefly talk about each one:

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the most complete island in the archipelago, and some consider it the best island in the Canary Islands for summer with your partner, family or friends, due to its incredible beaches, and the great cultural and leisure offer, with endless activities and events.

Also, you can stay in luxury hotels located on the beach, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful postcard landscape from your room, in a relaxing pool, or while enjoying a tasty dish in its restaurants and bars.

As for its beaches, you can sunbathe or swim in the sea. And if you like adrenaline, nothing better than to practice some water sport, explore the corners of the island, or participate in an excursion in the surroundings.


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The second-largest island in the archipelago is Fuerteventura, which offers an amazing landscape for those who visit it for the first time.

Many travelers consider it the best island in the Canary Islands to spend the summer, due to the possibility of sunbathing on kilometer-long beaches and enjoying windsurfing or other water sports.

In addition, it is not only one of the best islands in the Canary Islands for athletes, but also for those looking to disconnect from the routine by taking long walks on the white sand beaches and staying in an all-inclusive hotel a few meters from the crystalline sea.

Apart from the beach, you can also explore the different towns of Fuerteventura and discover incredible dunes, coves, and hidden bays. In this way, it becomes a perfect place to spend an incredible summer.


Many tourists point out that Tenerife is an option for those who want to enjoy a summer that combines the countryside and beach. This is because it has many interesting places, of great natural wealth, where the combination of arid and volcanic landscapes with green spaces offers unique views.

Likewise, Tenerife is one of the largest islands in the Canary archipelago, offering everything from local establishments in the north of the island to resorts and youth entertainment in the south.


Something that stands out for Lanzarote is that it has beautiful landscapes and beaches as a result of its volcanic activity. This makes it a different option, with a different landscape than usual and that allows visitors to disconnect from their daily routine.

La Palma

La Palma, also called Isla Bonita, offers a beautiful landscape of lush vegetation which considered one of the green lungs of the Canary Islands. You can go hiking and explore the different towns on the island to learn about local customs.

La Gomera

Another of the Canary Islands to spend a quiet summer is La Gomera, which has few inhabitants and a relaxed atmosphere in the different towns that populate it. One of the most popular activities is to cruise the coasts by ferry to see the dolphins jumping in the sea.

El Hierro

El Hierro is the smallest island in the Canary archipelago and stands out for its flora and fauna, with multiple endemic species such as the Giant Lizard. As it is the youngest of the islands, it does not have great beaches, but it does have natural swimming pools for sunbathing and in addition to very attractive sites for diving.

Which is the best island to spend the summer?

One of the advantages that the Canary archipelago offers you is the possibility of visiting the neighboring islands by ferry or plane; In addition to that, there are also other islets, such as Lobos in Fuerteventura, which are worth visiting and would become a beautiful plus for your summer.

After explaining the main characteristics of each island, the main question remains to be answered: Which of the Canary Islands is the best for spending the summer? The answer will depend on the tastes, preferences, and needs of each type of traveler; but, without a doubt, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura are among the favorites of those who visit the archipelago every summer.

This is because both islands have a wide variety of beaches and cultural and leisure options. Also, they offer various alternatives for practicing sports, whether aquatic, such as surfing or sailing, or other modalities such as cycling.

There are enough reasons to consider both of them as the best islands to spend the summer and your choice will depend on what you are looking for on your travel.

While Fuerteventura is perfect for spending a summer on incredible beaches, Gran Canaria is the best island in the Canary Islands to spend the summer if we are also looking for a more extensive leisure offer.

Both in Fuerteventura and in Gran Canaria, you can stay a few meters from the beach in one of the hotels in the Lopesan group, from where you will enjoy your holidays to the fullest while enjoying delicious cuisine, having fun in the pool or, simply, you relax in your room.

Do not hesitate any longer and choose the best island in the Canary Islands to spend summer this year. If you need more information about the availability of accommodation and services, contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.



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