carnaval maspalomas 2020

Do you want to go to the carnival of Maspalomas? Enjoy the dances, the flavors and the music that evoke the joy of this type of festivities and stay in one of the Lopesan hotels, where we assure you that you will spend an incredible week.

The Carnival of Maspalomas  is an international holiday like no other, which will be held in the south of Gran Canaria.

How is the Carnival of Maspalomas organized?

The planning of the Carnival of Maspalomas is done during a whole year, due to the great variety of events that are held to cheer the heart of the Canaries and keep alive a holiday that is usually the destination of many tourists, who want to enjoy these wonderful shows.

During the preparation of these carnivals, the Canaries put everything on their part so that, with the help of their imagination and their organizational power, they can create the craziest floats that reflect all the creativity of this land.

What can be done at Carnival Maspalomas?

With a great variety of shows, both the Canaries and those tourists who want to become protagonists of these emblematic carnivals will have the opportunity to observe the famous Murgas, which are the drum bands that sing popular songs, parades and, dances that will give color and meaning to these parties.

This is a unique week in which you can enjoy some events such as the following, which constitute a true tradition of what the Carnival of Maspalomas represents.

Galas for the election of the Queen, Infant Queen and Great Lady

During this event , will take place the election of the representatives of the beauty of these carnivals (Queen, Infant Queen and Great Lady) who will wear spectacular and striking costumes.

Maspalomas Carnival Cavalcade

This is perhaps one of the best moments of the carnival, because the Canaries use all their ingenuity, humor and creativity to make costumes of the most original. You can also see the varied and fun floats, as well as huge platforms that show the majesty and creativity that alludes to the cultural wealth of this population.

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The rescue of the sardine

The sardine is an icon of the Carnival of Maspalomas , so you cannot miss the event of its peculiar rescue, in which, people disguised as doctors and nurses are going to walk along the beach to rescue the sardine, which will be “dying in the sea”.

The Carnival of the Beach

This show organized by the City Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, is usually celebrated the last days of the carnival in Playa del Inglés, standing out because there is a variety of national and international DJs of recognized trajectory in the musical field.

In this event of the Maspalomas carnivals, both the Canaries and tourists, have the opportunity to bathe on the beach while enjoying the music and the good atmosphere.

El Burial of the Sardine

This is perhaps one of the most important traditions of the carnival in Maspalomas, which usually done on the last Sunday of the holidays and it is the humorous reading that a famous person does in front of the “dying sardine”.

In this reading, the last wills and desires of the sardine are presented, making comments about the municipal news, which are very funny and full of humor and irony.

How can I prepare to attend the Carnival of Maspalomas?

If you want to attend the Carnival of Maspalomas and for an unforgettable week living the experience of being part of these celebrations, do not forget to take into account two of the essential aspects to facilitate the organization of this trip, the rest leave it to the imagination:

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Buy Air tickets well in advance

The Carnival of Maspalomas, is a holiday attended by thousands of tourists, so if you have decided to go to this wonderful island during those particular dates, do not forget to book or buy your tickets well in advance So that this does not cause problems when you travel.

Reserve the place where you are going to stay

The lodging is one of the most important aspects when planning a trip to the Canary Islands, especially if it is the Carnival of Maspalomas, so, if you have decided to go to this holiday, you can stay in one of the Lopesan hotels in Gran Canaria.

Very well located near the stages of the Carnival of Maspalomas, you will have the best facilities and services to enjoy this unique event because if something stands out to us it is that we are “manufacturers of happy memories”.

Where to stay to go to the Carnival of Maspalomas?

If you are sure that you want to attend the Carnival of Maspalomas, do not think it twice and give yourself permission to enjoy these wonderful parties of the Canary Islands and save the best memories, living the experience of a trip that leaves you footprints while you know the best beaches from Gran Canaria.

Do not think twice and contact us through our website, where we will give answers to each of your concerns about the different services we will provide you in our hotel chain.



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