If you like culture or are fascinated by history in general, we invite you to discover the different castles in Gran Canaria, which are well connected to our accommodation.

What are the castles in Gran Canaria open to the public?

Due to the state of conservation, some old buildings are not available for visits. However, there are some castles in Gran Canaria that are open to the public and which we will talk about next:

     Castillo de la Luz

The Castillo de la Luz is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and was built in 1494 with the aim of being used as a defensive fortress. This building went through different phases according to the defensive needs of each era.

In the 19th century it was abandoned when pirate attacks stopped, going through decades of oblivion until 1969, the year it was restored. In 1998 it went through some extensions, also incorporating some original elements to recover its ancient essence.

Currently, this castle works as a Museum in Gran Canaria, where the works of the important Canarian sculptor Martín Chirino are exhibited and which are part of the private collection of the Martín Chirino Foundation for Art and Thought.

     Mata Castle

Another of the castles in Gran Canaria that you can visit is the Mata Castle, which is also located in Las Palmas and was built in 1577 by an engineer named Juan Alonso Rubián.

However, many years did not pass without suffering an attack by pirates of the Dutch army led by Pieter van der Does, which left the building completely destroyed. The reconstruction of the castle added new improvements to offer greater resistance against all kinds of attacks.

In recent decades, the Mata Castle has been used as a venue for religious celebrations such as the welcome of the Virgen del Pino from the Teror basilica. And since 2015, a museum was created that preserves the city’s historical and archaeological memory.

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Other castles in Gran Canaria that you should know

Either due to their level of deterioration or their current state, some castles in Gran Canaria are not available to the public. However, you can meet them from afar and take incredible photographs of these architectural constructions. Next, we will talk about each of them:

     Castillo de San Cristóbal

In 1578, Governor Diego Melgarejo ordered the construction of this castle to strengthen the defense of the island. After different attacks carried out decades later, it was rebuilt in 1638, adding new towers to give it greater resistance.

In 1878 the castle was completely abandoned, going through decades of deterioration. In 1999 it went through a restoration process and, currently, its state of conservation is good.

To this day, it is considered a Historic-Artistic Monument. Aesthetically it resembles a circular tower, which was built offshore on top of a rock.

     Castillo de San Francisco

Between the years 1595 and 1625 it was built the Castillo de San Francisco on top of the homonymous mountain located in Gran Canaria. After its construction, it went through various reforms in different periods and, due to the characteristics of the terrain, the floor plan of this building is irregular.

This construction was connected to the Mata Castle through a wall, in order to increase the defenses on the island against pirate attacks. The great advantage offered by this fortress was that the horizon could be glimpsed; therefore, it served to monitor any indication of invasion.

In 1997 it was declared a Municipal Heritage of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and, although it is abandoned, its state of conservation is very good.

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     Castillo del Romeral

Also known as the Fort of Santa Cruz del Romeral house, this town is located in the municipality of San Bartolomé in Gran Canaria and, currently, only some remains of the fortification remain.

As for its architecture, it had a rectangular shape and had two floors, the lower one intended for accommodation and a food store and the upper one for the cannons. It was rebuilt and surrounded by a strong wall, as well as a plaza and a series of cisterns for the garrison.

In the mid-19th century, it was used for the storage of salt. However, it was abandoned in the 1960s, deteriorating so that only a few dependencies on the ground floor were preserved, which have now been converted into fishermen’s homes.

Tips for visiting the castles in Gran Canaria

Among the excursions that you can do in Gran Canaria, without a doubt a different option is to visit these castles that reflect a very distant and symbolic time for the inhabitants of the island.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the castles in Gran Canaria are in a state of conservation, so it is important to know that there are certain recommendations that must be followed when visiting them. Find out about visiting hours to plan your tour and learn more about the culture of Gran Canaria.

Also, remember to reserve your accommodation to visit the castles in Gran Canaria and other locations on the island with greater comfort. If you want to know more about it, contact us and we will answer your questions.



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