La Cueva de los Mil Colores on Gran Canaria is one of the best-kept secrets on the island. When you enter this cave, you feel transported to another dimension full of colours, with a beautiful natural pool. Do you dare discover this place?

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Cave of La Reina Mora in Telde: charming natural pools

This magical enclave is located in the municipality of Telde, in Las Palmas. The Cave of Thousand Colours is also known as the Queen Mora Cave and is a cobblestone full of natural pools.

It is said that the “Cueva de los Mil Colores de Gran Canaria” was discovered, or mentioned for the first time in 1988 by the anthropologist and writer José Luis González Ruano in one of his books in which he explained how to get to this mythical place.

How to get to the Cave of the Thousand Colours of Gran Canaria?

To make the route to the Cave of the Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria, you must reach La Garita Beach, located in the coastal area of Telde. This beach has a particular shape of a shell. It has a 260 m extension of dark and fine sand, behind which hides the spectacular Reina Mora Cave.

If you’re going to visit the Cave of the Thousand Colours, we advise you to do so in a group and with anti-slip shoes because the cobblestone road can be a bit slippery. What you don’t have to worry about is weather conditions, since the temperature on La Garita beach and in the cave is usually quite pleasant throughout the year.

Once you arrive at the Reina Mora Cave, you can enjoy the best natural “jacuzzi” hidden on the Canarian island and its colours that will leave you speechless. This work of nature is worth visiting to disconnect and enjoy a different kind of place full of charm. Would you visit it?

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

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