The island of Gran Canaria offers its visitors golden sand beaches and crystal-clear waters where you can relax on your vacation.

But there are many other less known attractive places, such as those that you will enjoy if you take an excursion to the caves of Gran Canaria. At Lopesan Group blog we will tell you about the best so you don’t miss any.

Visit the caves of Gran Canaria

Upon reaching the island we were dazzled by the beauty of its beaches, from which it is difficult to get away for a second.

For this reason, we sometimes forget to go deep into its territory in search of other natural attractions that are just as spectacular. If you go out of the conventional, you can marvel at the most beautiful waterfalls in Gran Canaria and its caves.

The latter are spread throughout the island; therefore, you don’t have to go too far from your hotel to start getting to know them. Once there, the caves of Gran Canaria will impress you with their landscapes, their millennia of history and even in some of them it is possible to stop to eat. These are some of the best caves of Gran Canaria:

Painted Cave

Hundreds of years ago the first settlers of the Canary Islands stayed in caves naturally formed by erosion or that they dug directly into the earth.

These had great meaning for them, being the place where, in addition to living, they came to express themselves through cave painting. The Cueva Pintada Archaeological Park is a must if you are interested in seeing the remains of these expressions.

It is one of the most important sites of cultural interest in the region. During your visit to this park, the guides will take you to one of the caves in Gran Canaria most impressive to show you its geometric figures, the meaning of which is still unknown. Also, in the enclosure there are remains of other houses with the articles used by its ancient inhabitants.

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Also, you will see examples of how these inhabitants of the caves of Gran Canaria practiced mummification. It is an ideal option for those who like museums and archeology.


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Caves in Artenara

In Artenara there are a large number of caves in Gran Canaria, among which stands out Risco Caído. In it there are some engravings of ancient settlers, located inside its walls with still unknown meanings. Of them, the one identified with the number 6 is related to the solstices and equinoxes.

During the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year, light enters through its cavities illuminating a series of marks inside. This same spectacle of Caves 6 Artenara in Gran Canaria can be observed again during the winter solstice, but this time with the light of the moon entering through its holes in the ceiling.

You will love to see how the light seems to play to project beams and create shapes with the shadows on the stone. If you are on vacation in this destination, do not miss the spectacle of these caves in Gran Canaria, where you will take some of the most incredible photographs.


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Until a few decades ago many of the inhabitants of this island used the cave houses of Gran Canaria to live. In Artenara there are a large number of peculiar rooms excavated by the aborigines on the slopes of its mountains, which after the Spanish conquest of the archipelago were inhabited again.

Also here is the Ethnographic Museum of Artenara, in which you can enter a restored cave house as if it were still being occupied by an aboriginal family. You will see the configuration of their bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen with the proper furniture used by them to get an idea of ​​their way of life.

In addition, some archaeological remains of the instruments made to supply food, create clothes, as well as remains of their elaborate pottery are on display. All this without counting the beauty of the caves open to the Barranco Grande, which form a spectacular landscape.

Bufadero de Tauro Cave

One of the water sports to practice in Gran Canaria is diving, due to the clarity of the waters, as well as the variety of marine fauna. If you like this activity, you cannot miss visiting the cave in Gran Canaria Bufadero de Tauro to swim in its natural pool. Unlike the others, it has the peculiarity of being a shallow area to bathe in.

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Caves with restaurants

The gastronomy of the island is not only in the restaurants of the city, but you can also find it in the caves of Gran Canaria. At the Agüimes exit, you will find the Guayadeque ravine, a beautiful natural setting where several caves are located. Following the road, you will find excavated caves in which several of the most popular restaurants on the island are hidden.

Eating there is an unforgettable experience being inside a natural wonder with views of a beautiful ravine. In these caves of Gran Canaria the traditional food of the archipelago is served with a variety of grilled fish and meat dishes, among which the goat meat stew stands out.

It is also perfect as a resting place to cool off with a drink.


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Underwater cave in Arinaga

The Cabrón beach is located near the Port of Arinaga, famous for harboring many species on its coastline a few meters deep. On its coast, some of the most unique caves in Gran Canaria have been formed, which can only be accessed by diving.

For this reason, several companies offer the equipment service as well as the guided tour to immerse yourself. In doing so, you will be faced with a spectacle of pillars, arches and corals of these spectacular caves in Gran Canaria. Schools of colorful fish are abundant, as are other unique species such as blue stingrays, stars, and seahorses.

Do not miss any of the natural attractions of this wonderful island by visiting the caves of Gran Canaria. Discover in our blog more places of interest in this destination.

At Lopesan we are at your disposal to offer you the best hotel offer in Gran Canaria.



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