Charco de La Paloma, the perfect place to disconnect in Gran Canaria


The Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria is found in one of the most charming towns on the island, Tejeda, where several of the most emblematic monuments are located, such as Roque Nublo.

If you are looking for a place to relax, the Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria is the perfect destination, where you will connect with nature in its purest state. Are you seeking an adventure?

How to get to Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria

To get to Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria, you can go by car from the CG-60 highway. This route will take you directly and safely to the natural monument known by locals as “La Playita” of Tejeda, due to the beautiful waterfall located in the lake.

Unlike other popular places on the island, when you visit Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria, you will not have inconveniences when parking your car close to the highway. Getting there is not difficult at all, once you are out of the picturesque town of Tejeda, you will know you are in your destination when you arrive to a basket-shaped sculpture. After that, you must keep walking straight until you arrive at an esplanade, where your adventure begins. Be careful not to divert to La Cruz de Timagada, another charming trail that you should do during your stay in Gran Canaria.

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Monuments in Charco de La Paloma

Before starting your visit to the Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria, Las Casas de las Huertas will welcome you: a monument that pays homage to the traditional customs and ways of life of this zone.

Some years ago, Tejeda’s city council created close to the route to the Charco de La Paloma, another monument commemorating the affected victims in 1946 by a strong windstorm in Molino de las Huertas.

Usually, Gran Canaria has excellent weather conditions all over the year. The average temperature oscillates between 16ºC and 27ºC, sometimes in Summer can ascent until 30ºC. So, do not worry, it is very strange that temperatures go lower or that those types of storms occur.

The island is known internationally as one of the dreamiest places to travel to. Its interesting traditions, exquisite gastronomy, and extraordinary natural diversity as Charco de La Paloma, make this place an adventure that you should not miss.

 Hiking in Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is also known because of its marvellous natural trails to go hiking or trekking, like La Caldera de Bandama o the Barranco del Draguillo, both are considered of medium-high difficulty, due to their extensive distances and inclined territories.

On the other hand, the Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria is a trail of minor difficulty, perfect for families to enjoy a comfortable walk of only 1 km in length. Moreover, doing this trail will not take more than one hour at a normal pace, but we suggest you be calm to disconnect and enjoy this natural space.

Remember to take non-slip footwear, light clothes, cold water and then you will be ready to start your adventure in Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria.

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Disconnect in the Charco de la Paloma in Tejeda

To get there is quite easy, just as we said before. Just pay attention and do not go to the right, where La Cruz de Timagada is ubicated. Just in front of the highway, you will find the trail where to start your way to “la Playita” of Tejeda.

The straight path will take you to an esplanade, and you must avoid the right turn. What should you do? Keep walking down and crossing until the stream of the ravine.

After the crossing, you will have to ascend some meters where you will pass some mounds of stones and dirt. Once you find a wooden pole, you will know you are going the right way.

Keep going straight on, and in this part of the trail, you should have precaution, since you will have to descent from the channel of the stream. If you are travelling through the Almond tree blooming season, between January and March, you will get to see one of the spectacular events of Canary nature.

Once you finish ascending this light slope, you will begin to hear the fall of the Charco de la Paloma in Gran Canaria. There you will enjoy the tranquillity of the natural environment and its freshwaters, where you can have a bath without worries.

To go back, you only need to follow the same route, avoiding possible detours or if you want to, go on and try another trail, do not put limits to discover the marvels that Gran Canaria hides. Moreover, on your way back you will have beautiful views of Roque Bentayga.

Where to Stay in Gran Canaria?

Without a doubt, El Charco de la Paloma in Gran Canaria is a place you should not miss if you are looking forward to disconnecting and enjoying the peace of a beautiful natural environment.

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