The 6 best cliffs in Gran Canaria for the lovers of heights


If you have a head for heights and you are not afraid of vertigo, you should not miss the chance to discover the 6 best cliffs in Gran Canaria, from which you will be able to appreciate the breath-taking views and keep unforgettable memories.

The volcanic past of the Canary island has been the origin of several of its touristic attractions, like the emblematic volcanic plugs and cliffs in Gran Canaria, which can have more than 2000 meters of unevenness. 

In Lopesan Group we want you to experience unique experiences. Because of that, we present you with the most famous cliffs in Gran Canaria so you can start your adventure and admire the beauty of this island.

1. Marmol Cliffs in Santa María de Guía

These cliffs can be found between to coastal towns: Santa María de Guía y Gáldar. The cliffs of Marmol in Gran Canaria reach 200 meters of altitude over sea level, and from them, you can enjoy and a spectacular view of the coast.

To get to these cliffs you have to take the road from the old highway at the north of Gran Canaria, GC-291, at the same height as Albercón de la Virgen. In the surroundings, you will find a natural viewpoint in Punta Gallegos, where there is access to a trail that borders the Marmol cliffs.

2. Tamadaba Cliffs: species shelter

The highest cliffs in Spain are located in the north of the island. The altitude of the cliffs of the Tamadaba Natural Park in Agaete is over 1000 meters. Isn’t it incredible?

Its immense extension is not done for those afraid of heights. However, if you are not that kind of person, then you will enjoy the spectacular power of the sea and the wind on the Canary coast.

Apart from the Tamadaba bluff, this natural park shelters in its interior an extraordinary variety of fauna and autochthonous species from Gran Canaria, which makes it the perfect site to disconnect and relax.

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3. Bajas del Pedroso: a dreamy sandbank

At the north-east of the famous El Cardón, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, there is located a low altitude cliff with exceptional beauty. The Bajas del Pedroso cliff is only 4 meters high and is situated under the impressive Monumento del Atlante, which welcomes the city to the arriving visitors.

In the Bajas del Pedroso you will contemplate all the splendour of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. To get here you will have to take the GC-2 highway to Agaete. There is a habilitated zone to park your car.

4. El Roque Nublo: eye-catching altitude

Roque Nublo, located in Tejeda, is known as one of the most relevant symbols of the island. And we cannot forget to mention the cliffs that surround it, among the most awe-inspiring in Gran Canaria.

If you thought that the 1000 meters of Tamadaba cliff were too much, the views from Nublo will surprise you. Here you will find more than 1800 meters of altitude over sea level. Do you dare to go there?

Many call Roque Nublo the “guardian of the island” because it allows you to contemplate the beauty and splendour of Gran Canaria in its entirety. This natural monument appeared after a volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

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5. Faneque in Agaete: opening to the sea

Another one of the wonderful cliffs in Gran Canaria is the Risco of Faneque in Agaete. With 1008 meters above sea level, the cliff of Faneque is among the biggest ones, not only in Spain but in Europe.

When you visit Agaete, you will meet two of the most impressive cliffs on this Canary island: Tamadaba and Faneque. In both, you will enjoy the marvellous views of the Atlantic Ocean and its deep waters.

This cliff owns its name to Roque Faneue because it is part of the famous mountain range, where you can also go hiking. If you are into these types of activities, Gran Canaria is offering a huge multitude of natural trails.

6. Mirador del Balcón

To arrive at this cliff, you will have to get to the west of this Canary island. The Mirador del Balcón in Andén Verde, in La Aldea de San Nicolás, is located at 400 meters over the sea level. Here you will contemplate part of the volcanic Canarian history and its geological vestiges. 

The most interesting feature of this natural landscape is in the peculiar arc shape with a cut of 20 km of distance between Punta de La Aldea that can be seen from there, which looks like “the tail of a dragon” – the name that is also associated to this cliff.

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More touristic attractions in Gran Canaria

The Cliffs in Gran Canaria are only a small part of the great variety of places that you can visit on the island. 

All its natural beaches, gold and toasted sand, crystalline waters, trails, natural parks, monuments, picturesque towns, markets, nice climate, aquatic sports and gastronomy, make Gran Canaria the perfect place to plan more than one escape with family or friends.

Gran Canaria is one of the most visited places annually in Europe.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

If you’re looking forward to discovering some of the spectacular cliffs of Gran Canaria or enjoy incredible landscapes during your visit to the island, you will need somewhere to stay. In Lopesan Group we have marvellous hotels so you can enjoy the island.

Besides, we invite you to visit our web page where you will find more tips and information about places to see or activities to do.

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