If you are looking for a quiet space, where you can get away from the crowd to completely disconnect from the routine, visit the best coves of Gran Canaria and enjoy small and relaxing spaces.

In this article, we offer you a list of the best coves that you can visit to include them in your travel itinerary and that you know incredible places in Gran Canaria that go beyond the popular golden sand beaches, with wide extensions and a large influx of visitors.

Difference between a beach and a cove

When we think of a beach in Gran Canaria, the image of a long stretch of sand that sinks before the gentle waves of the sea automatically comes to mind. There are different sizes of the beach, being that the smallest and furthest from urban areas are known as coves.

The coves in Gran Canaria usually also bear the name of “beach” by default. However, they offer a calmer and more relaxing environment, which is why they are usually far from the city and tourist areas.

What are the best coves in Gran Canaria?

Going to the beach can be fun. But if you want to completely relax and disconnect from the hectic daily routine, we invite you to explore the following thirteen coves in Gran Canaria that stand out for their unique beauty and charm that you should not miss:

El Juncal

Located in the municipality of Gáldar, El Juncal is a small beach with a rocky appearance and difficult to access, due to its slope formed by slippery stones. But if you enjoy the view and calm atmosphere of the most hidden place on the island, the effort will be worth it.


Of all the coves of Gran Canaria, Guayedra stands out for its natural beauty. In it, you will be able to appreciate the native flora and the combination of palm trees with the volcanic earth, along with impressive postcard-worthy sunsets.

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Like the Juncal, the Guayedra cove is difficult to access. It can be reached on foot from the port of Agaete or use a 4×4 via a dirt road. Also, excursions take place almost all year round to explore the surroundings.


Tufia is another of the coves of Gran Canaria where you can take a bath and spend the day calm away from the busy urban areas. Unlike Guayedra and Juncal, this one is easily accessible, and you can enter both by car and on foot.

This cove is located in the municipality of Telde and you can walk through the town made up of white and blue houses located on the edge of the shore. Also, you will find in Tufia an archaeological site belonging to the ancient aborigines of the island.


Next to Tufia is Aguadulce, another of the coves of Gran Canaria recognized for its charming blonde sand and turquoise sea. Generally, this corner is more visited by residents than by tourists since it is not as popular as other beaches on the island.


To get to Tiritaña, in the municipality of Mogán, you must go down a dirt path, but less steep than those that lead to Juncal and Guayedra.

Of all the coves in Gran Canaria, this one is characterized by its combination of sand and stone and its access through a narrow ravine, but perfect for enjoying greater privacy.

Sardina del Norte Beach

Unlike the other coves of Gran Canaria mentioned in the list, Sardina del Norte Beach is a little more crowded since it is located near the port.

In it, you will be able to appreciate a mountainous landscape, a sky devoid of clouds most of the year, and a beautiful blue sea that will make you enjoy a great day with your family.

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El Confital

El Confital is one of the best coves in Gran Canaria for surfing and other water sports because the sea has strong waves and an intense current. Of course, it is not recommended for beginners.

San Felipe

In addition to surfing, on the beach of San Felipe, you can also go hiking in the surroundings. And if the sea is not enough for you, this beautiful cove also has natural pools that are formed with the rise of the tide.

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El Puerto

If you are interested in secret and natural places, where there is almost no human intervention due to its distance, visit El Puerto de La Aldea and let yourself be amazed by one of the coves in Gran Canaria smallest that can be found on the island.

Within its small extension, you can enjoy a wild beach and an incredible sunset. You just have to be careful with the waves and the winds that can reach high levels in this place.

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Another cove in Gran Canaria with difficult access is Guigui, located to the west of the island. To access it, you must go through a small natural route that normally takes 5 hours. And when you get there, you can enjoy a wonderful and unique environment.

Cala de Taurito

The coves of Gran Canaria are characterized by their tranquility, the exception is Cala de Taurito. This site is located between the towns of Mogán and Puerto Rico, has various services and has a large tourist influx, but without being as abundant as on other beaches on the island.

Half Almud

Half Almud is a small cove of dark sand, stones, and crystal-clear water to relax in a natural and peaceful environment. It is located in a protected area near Tiritaña and nudism is allowed.


Finally, there is Martorell, in Gáldar, one of the coves in Gran Canaria most peaceful with respect to the intensity of the wind and sea. It is also ideal for scuba diving and exploring the maritime landscape.

We hope that, with this list, you will be encouraged to visit some of the best coves in Gran Canaria and make the most of your stay on the island. If you want to make your reservations in our exclusive hotels, do not hesitate to contact us.



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