If you are planning a trip to an enchanted location, La Costa del Coco hides unique attractions that will bring joy during your journey. Therefore, here are nine curiosities about Punta Cana you need to know in order to take full advantage of your visit in this magical corner of the Caribbean coast.

Curiosities of Punta Cana: did you know them all?

1. Youth Zone

The first fact about Punta Cana is that it is considered a youth zone. What does that mean? It wasn’t up to 1969 that several national and international investors began to place their sights on La Costa del Coco due to its vast natural riches and tourist attractions: mountains, tracks, reserves, beaches with turquoise water and white sand, alongside many other features.

For this reason, Punta Cana evolved each year as a Caribbean oasis, which attracts thousands of tourists each year. Unbelievably, virgin beaches are still present alongside many natural enclaves that are barely touched by human activities.

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2. Lots to do

Among the curiosities of Punta is that this Caribbean oasis is located in La Altagracia province, counting with a little more than 50.000 inhabitants on its area that barely covers 475,3 km².

However, the flow of tourists to the area triplicates the number of people that inhabits La Costa del Coco. Many of the visitors that decide to come to this destiny are attracted by the many tourist attractions that safeguards this corner of the Caribbean.

3. Short rains and a delightful weather

Following the curiosities of Punta Cana, here is another of the many reasons why tourists from around the world decide to journey to this paradisiacal place: its mild weather and short rains all year long.

What is the best period to visit the shore? If you guessed either spring or summer, you are not wrong; these stations are ideal to visit La Costa del Coco.

Yet, if you ask us, which period is better, it will depend on what you are looking for as a traveler. Any time is fantastic to enjoy the sunrays and beaches of Punta Cana, but European travelers and North Americans prefer to enjoy the location between the months of December and April in order to escape the cold winter from their countries and enjoy the clear sky and the heat of the sun.

4. Observe the high and low points of the Caribbean

Bordering the frontier with Haiti, you will learn many things from this corner. You will observe the highest and lowest points of the Caribbean between a merely 85 km of separation.

The Duarte Peak is the highest point, measuring around 300 meters tall. On the other hand, the lowest point is the Lake Enriquillo with 45 meters of extension from below the sea level. This is also the largest sweet water reservoir inside the Dominican Republic.

5. Biodiversity protected by the UNESCO

The UNESCO protects several natural landscapes in Punta Cana. Among the most renowned sites are Playa Bávaro, declared by the organization as one of the ten best beaches of the planet. The National Park Los Haitises is another of such landscapes, which is located near the Bahía de Samaná, famous for being a spotting ground for humpback whales.

The care of biodiversity in the Dominican Republic  is reflected in La Costa del Coco since it has developed the tourism of the area, while respecting the landscape, flora and fauna at maximum. On this journey, you will enjoy both its grandiose trekking routes as well as its paradisiacal beaches.

6. An active nightlife

Between the curiosities of Punta Cana you do not want to miss its high variety of nightclubs in which you will experience the rhythm of the best music and thematically shows until dawn.

In case you didn’t know, it was on Dominican Republic that bachata was born as a musical genre, while also being the birthplace of the most important Latin American musicians like Juan Luis Guerra, exposing the importance that music has on the island.

7. Exotic Gastronomy

A curious aspect of the typical Dominican food is that based on several cultures: African, Hispanic, Taino or indigenous descent. In such a manner, the variety of flavors ended in an exotic gastronomy that delights residents and tourists alike.

If a dish needs some mention, it would be the asopao due to its exquisite combination of ingredients: rice, olives, red beans, tomato, and chicken. This is an explosion of flavors inside the mouth.

8. Find unique souvenirs

On a list of curiosities of Punta Cana you do not want to leave out the unique souvenirs from La Costa del Coco. The stefilia stone, better known as Larimar, it’s only found in Dominican Republic.

The blue stone is the prime material that the locals use to create an endless array of handcrafted jewels and accessories. This is without a doubt a special souvenir to remember your stay in Punta Cana.

9. Fully equipped resorts

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One final curiosity of Punta Cana that we could not exclude is that most of the travelers choose a full package to enjoy their time on the island. This includes all the commodities and services that comprehends a holiday plan.

In our resort Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino in Punta Cana you will find the perfect accommodation to enjoy a wonderful all-inclusive stay.

We hope that these nine curiosities of Punta Cana have been to your liking. If you want to know more about information and advice, as well as information about our different array of services, do not hesitate in visiting us.

We want to take part in your adventures!



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