On the top of a 200 metres high cliff you will find a magical place that matches the sky with the sea. We are talking about the mesmerising Faro de la Entallada in Fuerteventura.

Building of Faro de la Entallada

Punta Lantailla, also known as Faro de La Entallada, is a striking construction designed by the famous architect Carlos Alcón, who started it in 1958.

This building has three enormous towers and the tallest one works as a guide to signal the eastern coasts of the island, which helps boats and commercial planes orientate themselves. Back in the days, it also guided military planes in the Ifni War.

Viewpoint of Faro de la Entallada

Without any doubt, the gorgeous views that you can appreciate from this spot are one of the most appealing things to do in Faro de la Entallada. That 200 metres height will make you feel like you can reach and touch the sky, but also the sea at the same time.

You can see the protected area of Monumento Natural Cuchillos de Vigán from the lighthouse, which is a group of valleys and mountains 500 metres high.

How to get to Faro de la Entallada?

If you want to go to Faro de la Entallada, our recommendation is to rent a car. Once you have it, take the FV-20 road, that will take you to the town of Gran Tarajal. Two kilometres before arriving there, turn off the road to Las Playitas.

Once you reach this fishing place, take the route with no pavement. This one will guide you directly to the lighthouse. Faro de la Entallada has a big car park due to the huge number of tourists that want to come here.

Other places to visit near the lighthouse

If you decide to visit Faro de La Entallada, you can not miss the opportunity of visiting two captivating towns that you will find on the route.

Gran Tarajal

Gran Tarajal is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss on your way to Faro de la Entallada. It is located 12 kilometres away from the lighthouse in Tuineje, on the south west side of the island.

It is known for being one of the most important commercial and urban areas of Fuerteventura. If you want to try out the most popular restaurants of the place, just get to Avenida Marítima de Gran Tarajal and you will find plenty of them.

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Las Playitas

Only 6 kilometres away from Faro de la Entallada you can find Las Playitas, one of the towns of Fuerteventura that keeps best the conditions of its naval identity.

This small place full of white houses is a great alternative to spend your day tasting  traditional products and meals in any of the restaurants located in the promenade.

It is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing sunny day on the gold sandy and 700 metres long beaches that it has. You will also have the chance to practice water sports, such as diving, on its calm waters, which is one of the most charming things to do for the visitors.

Discover the magic of Fuerteventura

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