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If you want to know about an interesting destination with a lot of history, the Finger of God in Gran Canaria is a place that you should not miss in the beautiful municipality of Agaete. Discover what it is and why it is an excursion in Gran Canaria that you should not miss.

In this post, we will explain in detail what it is, information of interest and how you can get there to enjoy the Finger of God in Gran Canaria. Are you ready?

What is the Finger of God in Gran Canaria?

Known as the Roque Partido or Finger of God, it is a type of rock formation that was created more than 14 million years ago. Due to the erosion of the sea, the rock gradually became isolated on a cliff for more than 300,000 years until it reached its famous stump shape.

The Finger of God of Gran Canaria is located in front of the Agaete pier in the oldest geological area of ​​the island. Its rocky physiognomy gave it at first the name of Roque Partido, but the writer Domingo Doreste ‘Fray Lesco‘, renamed it as the Finger of God for its appearance of an index finger that is pointing to the sky.

Its peculiarity and physiognomy make the Finger of God in Gran Canaria one of the most interesting places to visit in Agaete. You want to know more?

Interesting Facts about The Finger of God in Gran Canaria


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Before telling you how to get to the Finger of God in Gran Canaria there are many interesting facts and important information about this unique monument in Agaete that you should know. This wonder of nature is one of the most iconic places of interest in the Canary Islands and it must be added to your travel itinerary.

One of the best natural monuments in Gran Canaria

The renaming of the Finger of God by Fray Lesco made the rock one of the three most visited sites on the island in the 20th century. Competing with the Roque Nublo and El Fraile, equally attractive places for tourists visiting Gran Canaria.

If you look at any map, this unique rock formation is known as the Finger of God and not by its original name.

The great Tropical Storm Delta

On November 28, 2005 the island of Gran Canaria would lose one of its most emblematic monuments due to the ravages of the tropical storm Delta. The upper part of the Finger of God sank and collapsed into the sea, leaving only the lower part. This natural storm was one of the strongest on record since 1975, with winds of 100 km per hour.

Although there were no witnesses to the terrible event, in Agaete they will never forget the loud noise that hit the island that November. Taking away a large part of the “stump of God”, which they could not get back.

This event meant a great loss and they could not do anything to rescue that part of the monument. The town council of the area advised not to try to rebuild what was destroyed by the storm, although they established a plan to preserve the remains of the rock.

With a great dragging force

Despite the Delta storm, the Finger of God Gran Canaria continues to be attractive to tourists for its emblematic history. Of course, it is not a place to navigate nearby due to strong waves; or for hiking or climbing due to its instability. This was learnt in the hard way by some German climbers  in 1976, who, who trying to reach its top, suffered a tragic accident.

If you plan to go hiking in Gran Canaria there are other places such as Tilos de Moya or Las Rutas de las Presas that we can recommend for this type of sport.

How to get to Dedo de Dios in Gran Canaria?

Now that you know several important details about the Finger of God in Gran Canaria, we will tell you how you can get there if you are interested in visiting this wonderful enclave. Its location is in Agaete 30 km from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, in Puerto de las Nieves just a few kilometers from the well-known Guayedra Beach.

If you go by car you can take the route towards the highway towards GC-2 (North Gran Canaria highway) towards Puerto de las Nieves, the Finger of God is right in front.

Enjoy the Finger of God in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the popular destinations for most tourists in Spain. A dive into their beaches and a visit to a natural monument as God’s Finger Gran Canaria seems the perfect plan within your vacation itinerary to explore and discover all the wonders that this island houses.

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