Cuevas de Ajuy in Fuerteventura: How to get there and what to do


The Canary Islands have many places that are worth visiting, Ajuy in Fuerteventura is one of those essential stops.

This picturesque fishing village whose main activity is still fishing, hides one of the most geologically relevant natural monuments on the entire island: The famous and mysterious Ajuy Caves.

This natural monument represents a great example of the volcanic history of the island, like Malpaís Grande, and houses important fossil remains. Would you like to know more about this charming destination?

Ajuy in Fuerteventura: fishing village

The small town of Ajuy in Fuerteventura has just 150 inhabitants. It’s located next to the Barranco de Ajuy, on the coast. Its black sand beach exhibits a sample of the characteristic geology of this Canary Island.

Ajuy in Fuerteventura has a significant historical past, since Jean de Béthencourt, conqueror of the Canary Islands, entered this fishing village for the first time in the 15th century. He founded several of the best-known towns in Fuerteventura such as the Historic town of Betancuria, in which the Betancuria rural park is located, where the mysterious Ajuy Caves are located.

How to get to Ajuy in Fuerteventura?

To get to Ajuy in Fuerteventura you must travel to the west coast of the island. The fishing village of Ajuy is only 9.5 km away from the town of Pájara, so if you travel by car, take the FV-621 road to get there.

If you don’t want to get there by car, there are several bus or guagua lines (as the local population calls the bus) that can drop you off near the town of Ajuy in Fuerteventura. Leaving from the city of Pájara, you can take lines 04 or 18 to reach its surprising Caves.

From the island capital, Puerto del Rosario, the bus route to get to Ajuy in Fuerteventura  is line 01. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach the picturesque seaside village.

Ajuy in Fuerteventura: caves’ history and origin

Once you have arrived, we recommend you go to the Ajuy Natural Monument, better known as Las Cuevas de Ajuy, which was declared a protected natural area in 1987.

The Ajuy Caves are a natural rock formation made up of lava flows that were emitted by volcanoes, currently inactive, within the island.

This natural space has a surface of 31.8 hectares that you can discover by yourself. If you are an adventurous person, this trail through the amazing caves of Ajuy won’t be disappointing at all.

» Ajuy beach in  Fuerteventura


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To make the journey to the Caves of Ajuy you need to go to the northern end of Ajuy beach, near the mouth of the ravine, where you can enjoy the wonderful views from its viewpoint.

Before starting the path to the mythical natural caves, we suggest you enjoy the 35 meters wide and 270 meters long beach, composed of black sand.

Ajuy Beach has a strong swell and breeze. It is not recommended to swim in its waters and if it is done it should be with great caution. The festivities that are celebrated on the night of San Juan are also well known. They bring together many residents of the town and inhabitants of the rest of the island.

» Path to Ajuy Caves

The entrance to the Caves of Ajuy begins with a 1.5 km long stone ramp, so we advise you to wear comfortable and safe shoes to explore this unique rock formation without any issue.

During the tour you will be able to observe various cliffs formed more than 100 million years ago. In it there are fossil dune formations, which are solidified sand from the deep sea; but that is not the only geological formation within the monument. You can also see ancient marine gastropod fossils, rocky rows, and igneous and volcanic ocean sediments.

Also, within the path, through the tunnels of the Cuevas de Ajuy, you will find old lime kilns, which were used for the construction of traditional houses.

Many of those natural rock formations are an important paleontological sample of the history of the Canary Islands. The natural beauty of the monument has been formed over different periods of time, influenced by the climatic conditions on the island.

Doing the tour of Cuevas de Ajuy will not take you more than an hour, depending on your pace when walking. It is quite humid, so you will need to go with the correct clothing.

» Restaurants in Ajuy, Fuerteventura

When you finish the walk through the Caves of Ajuy, be sure to visit one of the typical majorera food restaurants that are located next to the natural monument.

In addition to the delicious local cuisine, these restaurants also have a special menu of Mediterranean dishes. Enjoy delicious potatoes with mojo sauce and fresh fish, from the fishermen who work in the fishing village of Ajuy in Fuerteventura.

Where can you stay in Fuerteventura?

If you are thinking of venturing to visit the picturesque town of Ajuy in Fuerteventura, you will need a good place to stay. At the Lopesan Group we have excellent hotels where you can enjoy the best comforts so that you can spend an unforgettable vacation.




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