If you are looking for the must-see places in Fuerteventura to spend a dream vacation, you can not miss this post. These are the places that, from the Lopesan Hotel Group Blog, we recommend you to make your days on the island the most entertaining and unforgettable of your life.

Peaceful mornings sunbathing, walks through the volcanic areas of the island or evenings on the terraces of the ports. All of this and more awaits you in Fuerteventura, and in this brief tour you can collect the best ideas to make the most of your getaway!

Must-see places in Fuerteventura to make the most of your visit

Corralejo Dunes

The Natural Park of Corralejo Dunes is one of the first must-see in Fuerteventura. In fact, the whole Corralejo area should be a mandatory stop on your trip.

The dunes are precisely that scenery you will not want to miss on your next vacation. It is a formation of marine sands settled on basaltic lava flows. They comprise eight kilometers of white sand bordering crystalline turquoise waters.

Just walking through this landscape is an adventure, with its particular flora and fauna. However, the Corralejo Dunes offer much more to do. Swimming at its beaches is almost a must-do activity. In fact, you can choose between several beaches that offer everything you need to enjoy with your family and to practice your favorite sports.

Some of these beaches are, for example, Playa el Burro, with its kite festival, or Los Martos where you can sunbathe and enjoy the water with a refreshing swim.

In addition to hiking and sunbathing, sports lovers can practice surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Undoubtedly, the Corralejo Dunes are an excellent place to spend a fun and different day.

Explore the Ajuy Caves

We change the scenery a bit and move on to this natural wonder with incalculable geological and archaeological value. Not only the caves themselves are amazing (which are an amazing space), but the tour itself to the caves is truly incredible.

Offering a view of the wide, blue ocean and fossil dunes with truly astounding curves and shapes dating back 70 million years.

This is not just another visit, it is a journey back in time to the early days of this island. A unique experience not to be missed!

Making the tour to the caves, we find the remains of those ovens that once served to extract and process the limestone piece, a key industry that, at the time, drove trade in the area.

Inside the caves, the formations will surprise you with their height, approximately 40 meters, and the beauty that the lava flows left in their wake: dark basaltic stone that seems to transport us to another planet.

A destination not to be missed: Tindaya

Our tour of must-sees at Fuerteventura now takes us to a space full of mystery. Located near La Oliva, the mountain of Tindaya, with its 400 meters high. Besides being a space of great archaeological value, the ancient inhabitants of the island attributed magical properties to it.

For those who are looking for hiking in a place with beautiful views and a very special history, Tindaya or “La Montaña Grande” is precisely the place to visit. We recommend you to bring comfortable shoes, water supplies, sunscreen and get ready to take a dream walk to this “sacred” place of Fuerteventura.

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Lobos Island Tour

From Corralejo we can see the islet of Lobos. This natural area, particularly well preserved, is one of the must-sees at Fuerteventura, as the beauty of the place will give you real chills.

As a protected area, access must be authorized, so you will have to request prior permission to visit. Also, note that, in order to reach the island of Lobos it is necessary to do so by boat from the port of Corralejo. Plan your visit!

Already on the islet, you will have the option of a short walk through the highlights. A longer tour to explore the whole place is possible too, or even just enjoy an afternoon in the sun and a swim in its wonderful turquoise waters.

If your idea is to hike around the islet, we recommend you to bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Of course, good footwear is required too, because the terrain demands it. Through the trails of the islet you can reach the Faro de Martiño or the Caldera volcano.

It is undoubtedly a perfect getaway to learn a little more of the variety of spaces offered by Fuerteventura.

Don’t miss the Jandia Peninsula

Now let’s travel south again and visit another remarkable place on the island: The Jandia Peninsula. It is considered as one of the best beach areas of Fuerteventura.

Linked to the island by what is known as the isthmus of La Pared, which is only about 6 kilometers wide, it is possible to see the water both right and left of this small peninsula.

The area itself lends to wonderful tours, and you can contemplate the full extent of the ocean and how it merges with the clarity and blue of the sky. Get your camera ready to immortalize the beauty of the place!

The beaches of the Jandia Peninsula are the strong point of this area. We tell you below which are the most outstanding and why you can not miss them.

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Sotavento Beaches

This is one of the best areas to spend the afternoon sunbathing or doing water sports. The reason? The variety of beaches that converge here: La Barca, Mirador, Risco del Paso, Los Canarios and Mal Nombre are five ideal spaces to spend time with the family or let the wind and waves allow you to surf.

Morro Jable

It is a key tourist stop on the visit to Jandia. It is a really beautiful village with streets, terraces, and stores that invite you to spend the day. We recommend you to visit the beach of El Matorral and reach the lighthouse from where you can enjoy mesmerizing views.

The area also has a sea turtle recovery center that could be fun and interesting to visit, especially if you go with children.

Costa Calma

Two kilometers of a beautiful and paradisiacal beach area near La Lajita. Costa Calma is a destination that can not be missed on your list of places to visit in Fuerteventura. Spending a few days on the quiet and wide beach of golden sands, is a relaxing experience, ideal for recharging energy.

More beaches not to be missed in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an ideal island for a real beach enjoyment. Therefore, in our list of must-see at Fuerteventura, you can not miss these beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy with your family or friends.

Los Lagos and La Concha beaches

We already know that the beaches of Corralejo and Jandia are a real spectacle of turquoise waters, but these are not the only ones with a dreamlike beauty that invite you to swim and sunbathe. The beaches of Los Lagos and La Concha in El Cotillo are among the most visited. Both are very close to each other, so you can visit them in the same day and stand out for being the quietest of the island.

Thanks to the shape of its reef and the moderate waves, these beaches and the other coves in the area are ideal spaces for the family, especially to visit with the little ones of the house. In addition, in the area you can find several restaurants and beach bars, so you will have all the amenities to enjoy a perfect day at the beach.

El Águila Beach

This is one of the most isolated and wild beaches of Fuerteventura. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, almost virgin spaces of the island. With no services or developments nearby, it is a solitary space perfect for introspection and relaxation while sunbathing.

It is an ideal place to enjoy nature, as the strong breeze and waves can make it difficult to take a dip at times. However, it is highly recommended to visit it to appreciate the beauty of the cliffs in the area.

Esmeralda Beach

Another excellent beach to enjoy the sun and sand of Fuerteventura is Playa Esmeralda. This beach is perfect for the enjoyment of adults as the waves and wind are somewhat strong for the smallest of the house, making it an ideal place to practice various water sports such as windsurfing.

Discover the villages of Fuerteventura

We have already made a small tour of some key natural areas of the island. However, among the must-see places of Fuerteventura, we can not miss the tour of the most picturesque and beautiful villages of the island.

Town of El Cotillo

In the municipality of La Oliva we find this coastal town that you will really enjoy touring. Many of its white houses contrast with the intense blue of the water and the sky. In El Cotillo you will find terraces, restaurants and stores that you can visit before going down to the wonderful beaches of the area.

If you like to make historical tours, the Castle El Tostón is a place you can not miss. This castle dates back to the 14th century and functioned as a defense against the possible arrival of pirates.

Two other areas of El Cotillo that are must-sees of Fuerteventura are the Lighthouse and the Traditional Fishing Museum. Do not leave the village without visiting them!

Puerto del Rosario

Of course, you can not miss the capital of the island. The most attractive thing about Puerto del Rosario is… Absolutely everything! Its streets, stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and even the architecture of the area itself.

The capital of Fuerteventura has a variety of unique cultural centers such as the Museum of Unamuno, a space that promotes the work of the author and tells us about his time on the island.

Also, you can go to the Ecomuseum La Alcogida that allows you to approach the life and traditional architecture of the island, and the Art Center Juan Ismael; the exhibition space of contemporary works of Puerto del Rosario.


Another of the essential villages of Fuerteventura is Betancuria, a place steeped in history, noted for being one of the first places populated in the Canary Islands, around 1404.

Walking through its streets is an experience that we recommend for its historical background, as well as for its beauty. The Archaeological Museum, the Church of Santa Maria or the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Peña are three places you can not miss on your visit to Betancuria.

Enjoy the cuisine of Fuerteventura

A must-see when visiting Fuerteventura is the rhythm and life of the island and, of course, tasting its cuisine such as, for example, the Majorero cheese: unique in the world. With Designation of Origin, it will make you fall in love and will make you want to repeat.

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Discover Fuerteventura with Lopesan Hotel Group

From Lopesan Hotel Group, we encourage you to visit the island and discover all the hidden corners. Plan your next getaway and book your accommodation in one of our hotels in Fuerteventura.

Sunbathing, sports and hiking, watching the best sunsets and admiring the sea is what awaits you in Fuerteventura. In the Lopesan Group, we are waiting for you to turn your stay and tour around the island in an unforgettable adventure. The vacation of your dreams awaits you!






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