If you want to marvel at the 150 km of paradisiacal beaches and 300 km of natural landscapes that encompass this Canarian island, in this article on the Lopesan Group blog we present you 10 of the best viewpoints in Fuerteventura so that you can enjoy spectacular views, difficult to find somewhere else.

Would you like to discover what they are?

1. Sotavento viewpoint of Fuerteventura

If you want to enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the beautiful Playa de Sotavento, don’t leave the island without visiting its viewpoint, which you can easily access by taking the FV-2 road.

This spectacular place has a privileged location to enjoy the entire length of the beautiful coastline, located on the Jandía peninsula.

2. Morro Velosa viewpoint

One of the best-known viewpoints of Fuerteventura is Morro Velosa, located in the Santa Inés Valley at an altitude of 669 meters, in the town of Betancuria. To get there, take the FV-30 road.

At the Mirador de Morro Velosa you will be able to see much of the north and center of the island, as well as Tindaya and other wonderful places in Fuerteventura.

This viewpoint was built by the famous Canarian architect César Manrique to promote tourism on the island, so we recommend planning your visit in advance, since it is open from 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.


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3. Vallebrón viewpoint

If you want to observe the magic of Tindaya from above, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Mirador de Vallebrón, better known as the Degollada de Valle Grande, which is also a very popular trail route.

To access these spectacular views you must take the FV-10 road.

4. Peñitas de Fuerteventura viewpoint

Taking the FV-30 road from Betancuria to reach the municipality of Pájara, you will find one of the most beautiful views on the entire island, the Mirador de las Peñitas.

At the Mirador de las Peñitas in Fuerteventura you will be able to appreciate the formation of a spectacular natural oasis that comes from the meeting of an underground tributary with rocky slopes of volcanic origin.

5. Guise and Ayose viewpoint

Each of Fuerteventura’s viewpoints has its own unique and special touch, and the Guise and Ayose viewpoint is no exception.

When visiting the Guise and Ayose Viewpoint, located in Betancuria, you will find a fundamental part of the island’s history: as soon as you enter this viewpoint, you will be greeted by two 4-meter-high statues that symbolize the ancient kings of the island: Guise and Ayose.

To get to this place and discover its charm, you will have to take the FV-30 road. From this viewpoint you can enjoy incredible views of the volcanic north of the island.

6. Mirador Risco de las Peñas

 Its 426 meters high make Risco de las Peñas one of the highest viewpoints in Fuerteventura. So, if you are a lover of heights and dream landscapes, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this place.

To get to the Mirador del Risco de las Peñas, which is located between Betancuria and Pájara, take the FV-30 highway that connects both municipalities.

7. Cofete viewpoints

Cofete beach is one of the favorite places for tourists and locals thanks to its wild, almost unspoiled beauty.

This spectacular natural corner of 13.7 km in length, is located on the Jandía peninsula and has several viewpoints where you can enjoy dreamy views. You must take the highway to the PR-FV 55 Gran Valle – Cofete of 6.80 km or the Jandía highway to reach this spectacular destination.


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8. Punta Pesebre viewpoint

Another of the viewpoints of Fuerteventura that you need to know is the Punta Pesebre viewpoint, located in Jandía, in the south of the island.

The great difference of this viewpoint with others mentioned above is that it does not have a vertigo height. However, its views have nothing to envy to other destinations. At the Punta de Pesebre Viewpoint you will have the luxury of observing the best cliffs and spots on the coast of this part of the island.

9. La Entallada Lighthouse Viewpoint

Just 6 km away from the charming town of Las Playitas, in the Tuineje municipality, you can enjoy the unforgettable views of the Mirador del Faro de la Entallada. There you can observe the majesty that extends on the south coast of the island and take some beautiful photographs.

In addition, this destination is the closest point to the African continent only about 100 km away.

If you want to visit this spectacular viewpoint, take the FV-20 road, which can also take you to the town of Gran Tarajal. 

10. La Pared viewpoint

This viewpoint is located on the south coast of the island, on the touristy peninsula of Jandía. To access the Mirador de La Pared and fall in love with its desert views and the strength of the Atlantic Ocean, you must take the FV-617 road.

At the Mirador de La Pared you will be able to marvel at the unique versatility that characterizes the island of Fuerteventura: a wild beauty framed by an arid landscape, which demonstrates its volcanic origin, added to its crystalline waters that contrasts with the rest of the colors of the scenery.

11. Sicasumbre viewpoint

It is, in addition to a viewpoint, an excellent point of observation of the sky for lovers of astronomy. Located in the municipality of Pájara, in the south of Fuerteventura, it has a parking area and various information panels.

During the day, you can marvel at the beautiful mountainous landscape that can be seen and, at night, you will have the opportunity to see the constellations: Virgo, Boyero and Cuervo. It also has a sundial and the necessary supports to install telescopes and cameras.

If you plan to visit any of the viewpoints in Fuerteventura that we have just presented, you will need accommodation to enjoy your stay.At the Lopesan Group we have excellent hotels that are located on the south of the island.

Live an incredible vacation in Fuerteventura!





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