If you have decided to go on vacation to Gran Canaria to enjoying the best beaches, desert landscapes and pine and laurel forests, you cannot miss visiting the natural pools of Gran Canaria.

There you will have the opportunity to relax and feel the connection with the surroundings while enjoying a bath in calm waters.

What are the best natural pools in Gran Canaria?

Among the natural pools in Gran Canaria, we can highlight the following. There you can feel all the benefits of salty seawater in a totally safe and calm environment.

1. Roque Prieto

This pool that is located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía is not usually very crowded by tourists. This makes it one of the best alternatives for those who want to rest quietly and have more privacy in these waters that the sea renews day after day.

In addition, it has limits that were created in order to avoid strong currents, so that, as long as people do not leave the delimited area, there is no risk.

In this place, you will be able to observe the most spectacular and beautiful views of the horizon and the seabed through the different levels of depth of these crystalline waters, which usually range between 40 centimeters and 3 meters.


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2. Charco de San Lorenzo

This is one of the best natural pools in Gran Canaria, which with the help of man, has become a place full of charm, which also offers security to those who decide to bathe in its waters.

It is known by the name of Charco de San Lorenzo, since it is surrounded by small puddles although its dimension is much larger. Its extension reaches 75 meters long and 45 wide.

This is the ideal place if, in addition to bathing in the pool, you want to enjoy gastronomy and how to eat fish and other dishes elaborated with sea species in the nearby restaurants or use the changing rooms, showers, toilets and the spa that are fully available to visitors and tourists.

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There you can also have a walk and to enjoy the great coastal beauty.


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3. Sardina Lighthouse Pools

El Faro de Sardina (Sardina Lighthouse), in the municipality of Gáldar, it is an enclave where you can enjoy in the same environment several natural pools.

The best thing is that each one has its peculiarities, especially those that are located closer of the sea. Its waters are renewed with the rise and fall of the tidal measures.

4. Water Puddles de Bañaderos

Located in the Municipality of Arucas, these picturesque Natural pools in Gran Canaria have been adapted in such a way that people can enjoy a completely safe bath.

Between one of the great attributes of the area where this is located, you will find curious reservoirs of salty water. In addition, the solarium has also been created to enjoy with the wonderful climate of this place.

Visit these natural pools in Arucas and you will be able to experience tranquility and comfort in a unique space that will not leave you indifferent.

5. El Agujero

La Playa del Aguero (The Beach of the Hole), located in the municipality of Galdar, houses these three natural pools and another one open to the sea, which represent one of the mandatory visits for those who decide to visit the north of Gran Canaria.

These will not only provide the best experience for those who want to relax in its waters, but are also ideal to get away from all and disconnect. In addition, they allow the practice of some sports like body boarding or surfing.

6. Pools in Las Salinas

In Agaete you can bathe in three splendid pools, which are located right in some salt flats where previously sea salt was produced.

They are connected through a set of channels that facilitate the connection between all pools.

Also, these natural pools in Gran Canaria are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving and contemplate the most incredible animal and plant species typical of these waters.

The depths and capacities of these natural pools in Gran Canaria vary according to the state of the tide, and their waters are constantly renewed. From the port of Agaete, the access is very comfortable and you can get there on foot from the central Avenue Paseo de Los Poetas.

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7. La Furnia

These crystal clear waters are perhaps one of the best kept treasures in Gáldar. It Is about a pool that has been formed between rocks and wonderful cliffs where it is found. Located in an almost virgin place that is dominated by the force of the sea.

8. Charco Azul

This is a prodigious manifestation of nature that you can only reach on foot, through a path located in the Agaete highway to La Aldea de San Nicolás, which has a distance of about 2 kilometers approximately.

On the other hand, this pool is accompanied by a waterfall of about 20 meters high, which makes it an exotic place where the way in which nature grants miracles that have simply been done to be enjoyed is portrayed.

Going to one of these natural pools in Gran Canaria can be a great alternative because in these spaces you will have the possibility to enjoy the benefits offered by seawater without worrying about the waves, since they are usually calm and out of danger.

In addition, these pools are usually perfect for children, since their different levels of depth allow them to bathe without taking the same risk  than if they did on a beach.

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