Gran Canaria hides in its slopes the Guayadeque Ravine, which keeps varieties of unique flora and fauna, besides being a legacy of the natural history of the island.

So, if you like to be in contact with nature, the Guayadeque Ravine in Gran Canaria is a fantastic choice to choose and travel in its entirety.

For this reason, in the Lopesan Group blog we have prepared this post to offer you a brief guide to visit the Barranco de Guayadeque without missing a single detail.

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Gran Canaria’s Guayadeque Ravine

The natural monument of the Guayadeque Ravine in Gran Canaria has an extension of more than 15 kilometers long, full of endemic flora and fauna of the island. Its altitude is 1,200 meters that show the magnitude of its cliffs and slopes.

This great nature trail is located in the southeast of the island between the towns of Agüimes and Ingenio, separated only by the Guayadeque Ravine.

Guayadeque shelters in its interior more than 90 autochthonous and exotic species from other places, such as Mexico and the United States, with its pitas and tuneras, which are joined by other varieties of the archipelago such as the balos, the cardón or the tabaibas. Among the fauna, the lizards, perenquenes and the common buzzard stand out.

This natural monument is an obligatory stop for wildlife lovers, but that is not all that the ravine hides inside.

History and tradition of Guayadeque

This natural enclave holds much of the history and tradition of Gran Canaria, where archaeological remains and archaeological sites of the first aboriginal populations, with more than 2000 years of history, have been discovered in various caves located on the slopes of the ravine.

The experts point out that the caves found in the Guayadeque Ravine were places of survival for the aborigines. Not only did they live in them, but they also used them to store their food or the bodies of the deceased in an efficient manner. How did they achieve this?

Due to the high altitude so characteristic of the ravine and its bodies of water, the ancient inhabitants managed to maintain the ideal isothermal conditions to preserve their food and, in the case of the burial caves, the human bodies.

For the ancient inhabitants, the Guayadeque Ravine was a natural livelihood distributed in a logical order.

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How to reach Guayadeque Ravine?

Nowadays it has become one of the most interesting places on the island for the diversity of activities that can be done in the Guayadeque Ravine, but surely before, you want to know how to reach this trail.

A safe way by car is to take the GC-1 road until you reach exit 18, and then take the GC-191 road, which will take you to the Guayadeque Ravine. Although before entering the monument, you can make a stop in the towns of Agüimes and Ingenio.

Both towns of Gran Canaria have beautiful historical centers and a succulent local gastronomy. In addition, they are only between 5.1 and 6.7 km away from Guayadeque Ravine.

On the other hand, if you want to go hiking in Guayadeque there are several marked routes, but one of the most emblematic is the Circular Route. Due to its medium difficulty, it is not suitable for people without any practice of this sport, since its descents, sections, and slopes are quite demanding.

Guayadeque Interpretation Center

At the beginning of the road you will find the Guayadeque Interpretation Center, one of the most interesting places to explore before reaching the natural monument.

This site is an obligatory stop if you are interested in learning more about the findings in the archaeological sites as well as the different customs of the ancient Canarian settlers.

An important fact to keep in mind is that many of the discoveries have been transferred for exhibition and preservation to the Museums of Gran Canaria.

Caves of Guayadeque

As we mentioned earlier, the caves could have been home, storage or crypt for the ancient settlers. These days, the inhabitants of Guayadeque use the caves as a means to exploit tourism in the area. How? They have created restaurants and stores in them with which to attract visitors to a little piece of the history of the Canary Islands.

Local handicrafts and products for sale

Inside some of the caves you will find stores selling local crafts and products from Guayadeque. What to buy there?

If you like handmade products do not forget to try the native honey of Guayadeque Ravine or buy some particular type of jewelry, with materials native to the island.

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Visit the Guayadeque Ravine in Gran Canaria

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