Discover the most hidden and secret beaches in Fuerteventura


If anything characterizes each of the Canary Islands, it is its paradisiacal beaches, where thousands of tourists enjoy their waters. But what if we want to avoid agglomerations? At the Lopesan Group, we want to help you have the best possible holiday, so in this post we will show you the best hidden beaches in Fuerteventura.

Unlike the best-known beaches of Fuerteventura, such as Las Playitas, in these more remote areas you can quietly enjoy a good swim in its crystal clear waters. Some are difficult to find, do you want to know where they are?

Fuerteventura’s best hidden beaches

If you want to enjoy one or more days of relaxation, the good weather and the unique sands of the island of Fuerteventura, but you prefer more isolated places, you’re not the only person! In this article, you can discover the most spectacular hidden beaches of Fuerteventura.

≈ Agua Liques Beach

We begin this tour of the most spectacular hidden beaches of Fuerteventura on the south of the island, at the length of Costa Calma, but on the opposite side, with Agua Liques Beach. An ideal place to immerse yourself for a few hours and disconnect.

Located on the coast of Barlovento, on the paradisiacal beach of Agua Liques, various formations of jables (such as the locals call the sand) and completely consolidated dunes stand out, due to their marine origin dating from the quaternary.

To get to this secret destination, the easiest route is through Costa Calma, bordering the soccer field until the urbanizations that overlook the highway, FV-2, and from there start walking.

≈ Solapa Beach

We continue the route in the south of the Canarian island. In the well-known municipality of Pajara you will find the spectacular Playa de la Solapa. Accessing it is quite simple by taking the FV-617 road via La Pared and Costa Calma until you reach a detour indicated by La Solapa-Garcey.

This natural place is usually little frequented by tourists. Its sand with golden and black nuances along with its crystal clear waters make Solapa Beach one of the most beautiful places on the entire island.

≈ Jarugo o Jarubio Beach

Near the magical Tindaya mountain, you can access one of the best hidden beaches in Fuerteventura. To do this, you must take a dirt road from Tindaya. Taking that route, you’ll reach the beautiful Jarugo Beach.

Jarugo Beach is protected by two huge cliffs, which has allowed it to remain more isolated from tourists and become an almost secret place.

≈ Tebeto Beach

Within the well-known municipality of La Oliva is one of the most hidden beaches in Fuerteventura, Tebeto Beach. This enclave is very close to Jarugo Beach, so one day you could visit both.

Access to this place is somewhat complicated, which is why tourists don’t visit this site of the island so much.

Tebeto Beach is named after a ravine. Its strong waves make this beach a rather complicated place for bathers, so if you’re thinking about diving into its waters, you’ll have to do it with the utmost caution.

≈ Junquillo Beach

Junquillo Beach is located at the foot of the ravine of the same name, which is located in the municipality of Betancuria. To be able to enjoy this hidden destination in Fuerteventura, you only have to follow the Junquillo dirt road.

This natural enclave has sand of volcanic origin and quiet waters that will allow you to spend a day relaxing during your holiday. Near Junquillo Beach are the Mansos Caletones and the Saltwater Rock, places also highly recommended for visiting during your stay on the Canarian island.

Hidden coves in Fuerteventura

During your trip, you can not only visit the best hidden beaches, but you also have the opportunity to visit the most incredible coves of Fuerteventura. Would you be encouraged to meet them?

Although the dimensions of the coves are smaller compared to the beaches, these natural bays are a perfect alternative that you shouldn’t miss, and even less on this wonderful Canarian island.

≈ Ensenada de Jacomar

The majestic Ensenada de Jacomar is located within the well-known Natural Monument of the Knives of Vigán. This cove stands out for its surroundings, full of rocks that will remind you of a series of sculptures.

Jacomar has 200 metres in length of black sand, pebbles and waters that are a little difficult to bathe in. However, the inhabitants of the island visit this hidden place to quietly practice angling.

≈ Cala de Ojos

La Cala de Ojos is an ideal natural place to spend a quiet day on its extensive 70-metre-long golden sands, but with strong waves, so we recommend caution while bathing. This cove of Fuerteventura is located in the municipality of Pajara, just 2 km from the Jandia Lighthouse and the Puertito de la Cruz.

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≈ Cala de las Escaleras

Near the picturesque village of El Cotillo, you can visit the little-known Cala de las Escaleras, which is “tanked” between two cliffs that welcome you, whether you arrive by car or on foot.

Its ivory-coloured sand turns this site into a hidden destination that is worth visiting at least once in life. Would you come to visit it?

Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

Do you already know which of Fuerteventura’s hidden beaches you want to visit? If you’re thinking about visiting this charming Canarian island, you need the perfect accommodation to spend your holiday. In the Lopesan Group, we have villas and a wonderful hotel in the south of the island.

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