Hiking in Gran Canaria: The best routes to discover the island


Today there are many ways to explore a place, among which is the car, the bus or even the bicycle. However, there are also routes for hiking in Gran Canaria and discovering this fantastic island from another perspective.

If you like walking and exploring on foot, do not miss the fantastic linear and circular routes suitable for hiking in Gran Canaria that will make you change the concept you had about hiking.

Circular routes in Gran Canaria

One of the advantages of circular routes in Gran Canaria is that they allow you to return to your place of origin without problems, making it perfect for those who visit the island with their own vehicle. If that is your case, we give you a list of the best options for making routes in this territory.

Circular Salto del Perro Dam

If you want to hike with children in Gran Canaria, try going to the Water Channels and seeing two of the most important dams on the island: Salto del Perro and Las Niñas. The route begins with the first one going up from El Mogán to the Las Niñas Dam.

Along the ravine, you will be able to appreciate the panoramic view of the Soria dam and contemplate the great hydrological infrastructure that takes advantage of the scarce water that the island has. Also, you will see huge volcanic bubbles that are used for grazing.

Cogolla Circular – Barranco Loseco

Starting from the Veneguera (Mogán) area, you can follow this recommended route for hiking with children in Gran Canaria. The journey begins in the main square, where you must follow the sign “Sendero Local Circular Veneguera through La Cogolla” and walk along a parallel dirt track.

About 2 kilometers later, you will see a crossroad where a great unevenness begins that you must overcome with care. During the journey, you will find some agricultural farms and places to take a break. And to end this trek successfully, there is nothing better than cooling off at the beach in Veneguera.

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Roque Nublo

This circular route has a starting and ending point in the Llanos de la Pez roasting area. It consists of going up the Degollada de Piedras Blancas located at the peak of Las Nieves. This is one of the hiking routes in Gran Canaria most demanding, but it will allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Roque Nublo and Amurga from above.

Circular to the Cuevas del Caballero

This circular route is considered one of the best hiking routes in Gran Canaria to be done in spring since the flowers that adorn the path offer a beautiful view in contrast to the Black Mountain peak. Also, you can also see the Cuevas del Caballero and enjoy the view of the Caldera de Tejeda during your journey.

Cheese circular route

Finally, we recommend one of the best routes to enjoy multiple landscapes during your walks in Gran Canaria: hiking in Fontanales. Here, you can see walnut, chestnut, eucalyptus and other plant species that vary as you progress along the route. In addition, you can go to the Moya cheese shops to get a delicious artisan cheese from this municipality.

Hiking routes in Gran Canaria

If circular routes are the most popular for hiking in Gran Canaria, there are also those trails that have a beginning and an end. If you like risks, we recommend you take the following routes.

Cruz Grande to the Chira dam

This is one of the trails in Gran Canaria most difficult to carry out, so we recommend being well prepared. Start with the Degollada de Cruz Grande, continuing with the Soria dam and culminating in the Chira Dam, where you will see a beautiful reservoir formed by this infrastructure.

Route from Fataga to the Fortress of Ansite

This is one of the hiking routes around Gran Canaria that you can choose between one of its two points, as a start or end. Whether you decide to start with Fataga or start from the Ansite Fortress, you will have to overcome a drop of 300 meters and cross the La Sorrueda ravine to reach the final destination.

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senderismo-en gran-canaria

Barranco del Draguillo

This trail consists of an 11-kilometer route, with certain levels of difficulty that we do not recommend when making the journey with children. It starts from Cuatro Puertas in Telde and goes into a palm grove full of empty wells. Also, you will find many caves with interesting geometric formations, which can rival modern works of art.

And to finish one of the best hiking routes in Gran Canaria, you must climb an almost vertical path to leave the Draguillo ravine and return to the meeting point with your travel group. Although the road is difficult, the reward is to contemplate unforgettable landscapes worthy of a postcard.

Rout from Los Marteles to  Valsequillo

If you are looking for a linear path of little difficulty, you may be interested in this route. It starts in the Caldera de Los Marteles, where you can walk through a landscape carved by the volcanic eruption. Also, you will see endemic plant species such as thistle. And to finish the route in the town of Valsequillo, nothing better than to taste the typical cheese of this town.

Roque Nublo Crossroads

And finally, there is the Roque Nublo Crossroads, which includes a journey to the Risco Caido, recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. Also, you will know various caves carved out of the rock and you will appreciate the beautiful landscape of the center of the island.

Now that you know the best routes for hiking in Gran Canaria, contact us to stay in one of our hotels in the south of the island.



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