Güi Güi beach: how to get to the most secluded beach in Gran Canaria


The island of Gran Canaria has on its coasts an unimaginable variety of places that you should know. From the Lopesan Group Blog, we present one of its most remote beaches: Güi Güi. If you want to know how to go to Güi-Güi, do not lose detail on the different alternatives to get to this magical place.

If you still do not know this dream place, do not worry because this extensive sandy area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is not one of the best stops within Gran Canaria, since it is remote and hidden between the cliffs of the island.

Güi-Güi Beach is the perfect place to get away from the busy city, bathe in its crystal clear waters, breathe fresh air and sunbathe. Do you want to know how to go to Güi-Güi?

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Where is Güi Güi Beach?

Before telling you how to go to Güi-Güi, you need to know where this almost virgin beach is. Located to the west of Gran Canaria, this natural area is in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás.

Its extensive kilometers of sand and virgin waters make Güi-Güi Beach one of the areas least explored by inhabitants and tourists. That is the reason why, a few years ago, it was declared a Special Nature Reserve and Ecological Sensitivity Area given its special conditions.

A curious fact is that Güi Güi Beach has several names: Güi-Güi, Guguy or Güy-güy. Neither name is wrong, so you can refer to this site however you like.

How to go to Güi-Güi? Various alternatives

Access to Playa de Güi-Güi in Gran Canaria can be considered complicated, but not impossible. If you like to live new experiences during your travels, then you should not stop visiting this site.

Next, we will provide you with two of the best known and safest alternatives so that you know how to go to Güi-Güi without a problem. Are you ready?

1. Güi-Güi beach: how to get there by boat

If you like boat trips, one of the easiest ways to get to Güi-Güi Beach is through the sea. In this way, a short sailing trip is made along the beautiful coasts of this Canarian island. Would you like to experience it?

In Gran Canaria, there is the alternative of taxi boats, that you can take from various places such as the well-known Puerto de Mogán or, even closer, from the towns of Tasarte or La Aldea. Check out the different departure times, rates and select the one that best suits your travel itinerary. Depending on the season, excursions to Güi-Güi do not take place every day due to the strong waves that occur in certain months of the year.

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2. How to go to Güi-Güi on foot

If instead, you want to know how to go to Güi-Güi on foot, we anticipate that this option is a hiking route that requires a certain physical effort.

To get to this path you must go by car to the town closest to Güi-Güi Beach, the village of Tasartico. This town is an hour and a half the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. However, the journey by car to Tasartico is shorter if you go Maspalomas. This route will only take you an hour by car.

After crossing the main center, in the village of Tasartico, there is a parking lot where you have the option of leaving your car and starting the adventure along this wonderful path. Get the team ready!

Excursion to Güi Güi Beach

Before we mentioned two of the most common alternatives on how to go to Güi-Güi. If you choose the option of going on foot to this wild beach in Gran Canaria, we will tell you about the route.

The route to Güi Güi Beach does not have a high difficulty, we would say that it is easy to do. The 5 km path is completely linear, the most that can tire you are the different slopes within the route.

It is important to note that getting to Güi-Güi has no problem because the signs are well defined.


Your path begins with a climb up the mountain known as Degollada de Aguas Sabinas, which reaches an altitude of 546 meters, which you can observe incomparable views.

Once you have reached the top of the mountain, you will begin the descent, where you will observe impressive cliffs and unique species of this Canarian island.

When you finish the descent comes a reward since you will find a small bar where you can refresh yourself to continue with the tour.

You will have reached your destination when you see the fine sand of Güi-Güi Beach. This spectacular natural setting is surrounded by various volcanic cliffs and has spectacular views where, if it is a good day, you can see El Teide in the distance on the neighboring island of Tenerife.

Also, you can bathe in one of its two beaches known under the names of Güi-güi Grande and Güi-güi Chico. Remember that Güi-Güi beach is practically virgin, which makes it a place without any type of lifeguard services or hammocks.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

We hope we have helped you and that you know how to go to Güi-Güi without problems when you visit Gran Canaria. Have you already chosen the date of your vacation?

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