La Laja Beach: All you need to know about this urban beach in Gran Canaria


Do you want to travel to a different place? La Laja Beach in Gran Canaria has a marked volcanic character and here you can enjoy its extensive dark sand, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful natural pools.

La Laja Beach is not a popular area for tourists visiting Canary Island, as they usually prefer to visit other places such as Canteras Beach, which is more famous. However, La Laja Beach in Gran Canaria has a unique charm that is worth exploring, especially if you like surfing.

How to get to La Laja Beach?

La Laja Beach is located at the southern entrance of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, just 3 km from the centre of the island’s capital.

To get there by car you must take the GC-1 motorway. Depending on the direction, maybe you need to take a detour. If you are going North-South direction you should follow the detour to the right which indicates the road to Tres Palmas and Pedro Hidalgo and continue the route until you come to La Laja Beach parking area.

If your route is in a South-North direction from the same GC-1 motorway, you will not have to take any detour, but you will arrive directly at the parking area located in La Laja Beach in Gran Canaria.

Natural pools in La Laja, Gran Canaria

One of the most attractive places in La Laja Beach is its three natural pools, located on an extension of rocky coastline next to the 1200-metre sandy beach. The natural pools of La Laja Beach in Gran Canaria are as follows:

  • North pool: only 0.70 m depth, which makes it the smallest one, its surface area is only 366.370 m2. It is perfect for families with children.
  • South pool: only 1.40 m depth, its surface area is around 388.43 m2.
  • Central pool: the biggest one with 608.23 m2 and 1.40 m depth.

Children under 8 are not allowed to enter without an adult into these natural pools of La Laja Beach. Its fine brown sand and its waters with strong waves are part of this natural attraction that you cannot miss.


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What else can you do in La Laja, Gran Canaria?

Apart from the natural pools, La Laja has other services that make this place a real urban beach you need to visit during your holidays. The most basic services include public toilets, parking, pedestrian access, watchtower, basic first aid and conservation work.

Some of these services are not available throughout the year, such as the security unit and the Spanish Red Cross, which is on the beach only in summer, from July to September.

Since 2012 there are six different anchors in La Laja in Gran Canaria located in the northern area of the beach, with six buoys of approximately 50 cm in diameter and recreational boats with a length of 12 metres are allowed.

Which sports can you practice in La Laja Beach?

The strong waves at La Laja Beach make it perfect for surfing. Several professional surfers congregate throughout the year in its waters to enjoy this wonderful sport. Fishing and surfing are the main sports you can practice in the waters of this amazing natural bay.

If you are looking for a beach with perfect waves and little tourism, La Laja in Gran Canaria is your perfect alternative to practice surf and disconnect. The waves can be quite high, so caution is advised if you are a beginner or an inexperienced surfer.


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Renewal of La Laja Beach

Some years ago, La Laja Beach was a less attractive place for the inhabitants of the island due to its strong waves throughout the year and the fact that it has fewer services than other urban beaches in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, such as Las Canteras or Las Alcaravaneras.

However, for some years now, the Ministry of the Environment and other public institutions have carried out important renovation works in La Laja Beach to improve the coastline of this place and make it more beautiful and attractive. For this reason, every week experts in the field analyse the sanitary conditions of water and sand, always trying to maintain the optimal conditions in La Laja.

Where to stay during your holidays in Gran Canaria?

Without any doubt, La Laja Beach in Gran Canaria is a place you must visit if you travel to Las Palmas, where you will get to disconnect and have a good time without crowds.

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