When tourists come to Fuerteventura, also known as Majorera Island, usually they focus on enjoying their long beaches of turquoise water and toasted sand, but if you want to explore other natural spaces, then we recommend you meeting the great unknown within the island, Las Peñitas of Fuerteventura.

El Barranco de Las Peñitas in Fuerteventura is an immense rocky landscape with beautiful trails where you can enjoy a different day in a hidden spot.

Do you dare to discover it? Let’s venture into it!

Las Peñitas Ravine: curiosities

The rocky sediments from this ravine were created millions of years ago when Fuerteventura was still a mountainous land.

As time goes by, the erosion shaped the unusual terrain of Las Peñitas of Fuerteventura, which has various slopes, great date palms, and unique formations like Arco de Las Peñitas, which resembles the head of an elephant.

If you want to go to Arco de Las Peñitas in Fuerteventura, you should climb to the top of the hill, after having walked through all the rocky slopes from the ravine and the palm trees.

We recommend that you go by car through the road FV-621, which unifies the localities of Pajara and Ajuy. If you follow the road to the right, you will find the municipality of Buen Paso, where you will be able to park your car and start the trail at the last part of Las Peñitas de Fuerteventura.

Once you arrive there, there is a single trail to climb to the top of the head of the elephant. We recommend you take it slow given the slope inclination and the unevenness of 250 m.

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How to get to Las Peñitas in Fuerteventura?

The ravine Las Peñitas of Fuerteventura is located at Parque Rural de Betancuria, more specifically between the town of La Vega del Río Palmas and Ajuy. You can get trouble-free to both places by car. They are worth paying a visit.

An interesting fact about the rock mass Betancuria, which can be found inside this park, is that it is one of the protected monuments on the island due to the amount of important natural old deposits and sea fossils that can be found there.

The most popular route to get to Las Peñitas begins in Casa Naturaleza restaurant, located at the end of the river Palmas meadow. So, if you want to savour some tasty tapas or a traditional meal from Fuerteventura, this place is a great alternative to freshen up and have a snack before you start the trail.

Despite the rocky unevenness found in Las Peñitas, it does not represent a great difficulty, since it only is 3.5 km long with 108 meters of unevenness. 

We recommend you carry good hiking shoes, something to drink, and then you will be ready to start the trail in this natural landscape.

Do not worry about signalization, the Las Peñitas trail is well delimited all along with its extension. It is very easy!

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What can you find in Las Peñitas in Fuerteventura?

As you travel through this trail you will feel like you are lost in an oasis from a fairy tail, where all the views from the landscape become the perfect shot.

When you start the trail through Las Peñitas,  you will have the chance to meet new and charming places that played a key role in the history and culture of this island, the oldest one in the archipelago.

Hermitage Virgen de la Peña

The stories after the conquest of the Castilian Crown tell that the Virgin had several apparitions in Las Peñitas in Fuerteventura. Because of that, they built a hermitage dedicated to the patron saint of the island, la Peña Virgin.

Every year, on the third Saturday of September, the worshippers honour the patron saint of Fuerteventura, through the traditional celebration of a pilgrimage. The believers show their devotion to the saint by bringing her offerings.

Las Peñitas dam in Fuerteventura

Built during the 30s, the dam of Las Peñitas is one of the most charming attractions on the island since these are scarce.

A long time ago, it used to be very useful for natives as a place of water conservation, but nowadays, it is in disuse.

Almost arriving at the end of the trail you will find this reservoir as a sign that you are getting close to the town of El Buen Paso, which we recommend you explore.

Remember that, at the end of this route, climbing to the top of the mountain you will arrive at the arch with the shape of an elephant, where the most breathtaking views of Las Peñitas await you.

Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

If you are considering doing the Las Peñitas trail or exploring the singular arch at the top of the mountain, Lopesan Group has excellent hotels located at the south of the island. Contact us to learn more about our services.




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