If there is a destination that has endless landscapes, it is the Canary archipelago. In addition to its renowned beaches and tourist destinations, the different islands offer multiple natural areas that are true paradises full of life, beauty and, ultimately, great to feel that mixture of nature of sea, mountains and green areas such as, for example, the laurel forests of Gran Canaria.

One of these wonderful opportunities to enjoy a natural space very different from the coastal one is the laurel forests of Gran Canaria. These spaces, also known as laurophilous forests, are very typical of humid subtropical climates with an excellent plant representation of various species where the lauráceas and fayal-brezal trees stand out.

Although there is a representation of these forests in practically all the western islands of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has, specifically, a very visited one.

In this post we invite you to explore Los Tilos de Moya, a beautiful and interesting laurel forest in Gran Canaria that you will surely want to include in your list of tours to do during your next visit to this incredible island.

Los Tilos de Moya: the laurel forest of Gran Canaria

It is an impressive laurel forest of the archipelago, which for its beauty and value as a nature reserve is worth knowing. Located in the Selva de Doramas, in the ravine of Moya, this laurel forest in Gran Canaria is of a high biological richness that has survived the deforestation suffered in the last century.

Among the characteristics that stand out of this forest is that, compared to others in the archipelago, it is quite small, with only 91.5 hectares, although it still has a large area to cover and an excellent density of vegetation, especially remarkable for the sea of ferns that we find throughout the tour.

The density in its vegetation is given, in part, by the sea of clouds typical of this area that when colliding with the slopes of the mountains originates a horizontal rain, causing the water to condense and generate a constant drip. Thanks to this, vegetation flourishes, as is the case of this laurel forest in Gran Canaria, and it is a perfect place for the growth of many varieties of plants.

Laurisilva in Gran Canaria as a nature reserve

Los Tilos de Moya has the title of “Reserva Natural de los Tilos” due to the wide variety of animals and plants of great natural interest that inhabit the area. Among the species that you can find in this area, some very particular birds stand out:

  • Common chaffinch
  • The alpispa
  • Common kestrel
  • Robin
  • Common House Martin

Trees and plants typical of this type of ecosystems also stand out, such as:

  • Laurel tree
  • Heather
  • Rooster’s crest
  • The Santa Maria tree
  • The Olivillo tree
  • Ferns
  • Mocán
  • Wild orange tree
  • Palo blanco
  • Canary willow
  • Sauco
  • Yew tree
  • Lime tree
  • Sarsaparilla

Tours and hiking in Los Tilos de Moya

The tour through the laurel forest in Gran Canaria of Los Tilos de Moya will not take you long, it can be perfectly combined with another visit, leaving this route for a cool morning and then returning to continue sunbathing at your hotel, for example.

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There are four established routes to make the tour, however, one of them is the simplest and most frequented, as it can be done easily; it is ideal to do with the family and allows to appreciate all the beauty of the environment.

At the beginning of the route, there is an area of stairs that might seem a little complicated, but it is quite short and from that point the route becomes very easy.

We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing so that you can feel at ease throughout your hike. Don’t forget to bring water and a snack to rest and recharge your batteries while you contemplate the beautiful views during one of your stops.

Gran Canaria, an island to enjoy

Without a doubt, the island of Gran Canaria offers everything for everyone in one place.

If you wish to visit the island during your next vacation to enjoy the sun and the beach, or explore the great variety of natural landscapes that Gran Canaria has to offer, take a look at all the hotels we have for you at Lopesan Hotel Group. Book the vacation of your dreams with us!



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