In Gran Canaria we find that special charm to relax, have fun and admire the beauty that makes us feel fully recharged and full of energy. But, what are those magical places to visit in Gran Canaria? That’s what we want to share with you in this post of the Lopesan Group Blog.

Magical places to visit in Gran Canaria

We go for a walk around the island, preparing our camera to capture those magical places to visit in Gran Canaria that will make us remember our trip forever.

We will start with the most beautiful villages, followed by fascinating natural monuments and areas that will make you feel so refreshed that you will always want to come back.

Cultural tour around Firgas

If there is one village that is truly beautiful to look at, it is Firgas. With its white-walled houses and colourful details, it is located in a spectacular natural setting. Adorned by the beautiful flowers on its balconies, the view of the town centre and its surroundings is a dream.

Firgas offers to the visitors a variety of places to explore and enjoy any day. You can start with a walk around the Iglesia Parroquial de San Roque, with its bell tower and central nave preserved from the original hermitage of 1502.

In the beautiful square where the church is located, we also find the monument to the first patron saint of the town, San Juan de Ortega. Another place not to be missed is the beautiful Casa Cultural. It now houses the town’s public library, an exhibition hall and an assembly hall.

One area where you can take some stunning photos of the town is the Paseo de Gran Canaria and Paseo de Canarias. In this part of the village, a series of cascading fountains were designed to give the surroundings a truly beautiful appearance and undoubtedly make it one of the magical places to visit in Gran Canaria.

The beauty and calmness of Puerto de Mogán

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Another truly extraordinary place on our list of magical places to visit in Gran Canaria is Puerto Mogán. Like Firgas, Puerto de Mogán is peaceful and picturesque, with its white-walled houses contrasting nicely with the multicoloured display of gardens and flowering vines.

A stroll around the marina is part of the attraction of the area. In addition, there is a wide range of terraces, bars, and restaurants. You can sample the local delicacies and, of course, the fresh fish.

The beach is another of the attractions to be found in this area. Although it is small, it is perfect for quiet and peaceful bathing, especially if you are travelling with children. The gentle waves allow you to relax, whether for a swim, snorkelling or kayaking.

Nature in its purest form in the Tilos of Moya

A visit to the Tilos de Moya is an unmissable experience if you come to Gran Canaria. For those travelling with the family who want to start trekking or hiking, this circular route is one of the most popular in Gran Canaria.

The views that you can find on your walk and the beauty of the landscape of the Tilos de Moya is something that will make you go slowly. All just to absorb the peace that one of the magical places to visit in Gran Canaria offers to its visitors.

A visit to the town of Moya itself is an added attraction. In this town, you can see the work of the Canary Islands poet Tomás Morales in his House Museum, as well as the Candelaria Church. At the end of your visit, you can go to the viewpoint to appreciate the natural surroundings of this town.

It will undoubtedly be the perfect end to this marvellous area of Gran Canaria.

Getting to know Risco Caído and Montañas Sagradas

On our list of magical places to visit in Gran Canaria, a visit to Risco Caído and Montañas Sagradas is a must. This area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an archaeological treasure to be discovered.

Risco Caído is home to one of the oldest archaeological remains on the island. There are 21 caves excavated in the volcanic rock, which show part of the history of the ancient aboriginal civilizations of Gran Canaria.

If there is something truly magical about visiting these caves, it is being able to imagine the life of the ancient inhabitants and the rituals they performed inside of them.

The artificial opening in the main cave of Risco Caído allows sunlight to enter, which moves like a pointer along the walls of the cave throughout the day and changes its position depending on the time of year.

The path of light in the cave is marked with engravings made by the ancient inhabitants of Gran Canaria, and it is thought to have been an astronomical observatory for these ancient civilizations, where ceremonial rites were performed, especially at the winter and summer solstices.

Climb to Roque Nublo

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Continuing with the “mystical” theme of the island, our next stop on our list of magical places to visit in Gran Canaria takes us to Roque Nublo, in the municipality of Tejeda. This formation is considered one of the largest natural crags in the world.

Getting to the area is already part of the charm of the visit. Depending on where you start from, the route ensures a really beautiful and lively walk. On this walk you can enjoy the views of Acusa and Artenara as well as the Tejeda Caldera and the Pozo de las Nieves.

The crowning moment will be reaching the crag. An eighty-metre-high formation, which, with its elevation of 1,813 metres above sea level, makes you feel truly on top of the world, or at least the second-highest peak in Gran Canaria.

From the summit to the Barranco de las Vacas formations

Let us now turn our attention to Agüimes. What awaits us there is astounding. The Barranco de las Vacas is a rock formation which, by the whims of nature, the action of time, the force of the water in the ravines and erosion itself, has meant that today it offers an unparalleled view.

It’s a short, winding, but beautiful path between the rocks that shows a variation in the shade of the stone known as “coloured shots”. If you can pay the visit when there aren’t too many people, you’ll have the perfect place for those photos that will be the envy of everyone on your Instagram or Facebook profile.

Another type of cave in Bufadero de Tauro

The beach and coastal areas are also home to magical places to visit in Gran Canaria, and the Bufadero de Tauro is one of the most surprising. This rock formation allows you to enjoy a magnificent natural pool at low tide.

It is ideal for snorkelling, especially when the weather is very calm and the waves are gentle. However, this is not the only thing to do in the area, as kayaking along the cliffs is another worthwhile activity if you come here.

Visit to the magical dunes of Maspalomas

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We end this spectacular tour of the most magical places to visit in Gran Canaria with the famous Maspalomas Dunes. This is a particularly emblematic area on the island, with a landscape reminiscent of the Sahara.

The route through the dunes is not to be missed and ends at the spectacular Maspalomas lighthouse. This structure, which dates back to 1861, offers a view of almost 55 metres. In its day, it guided the ships that filled Gran Canaria with commerce and life.

Today it is still visited by tourists who come to the island in search of good weather and marvellous landscapes. We recommend you visit it at sunset to contemplate one of the most beautiful postcards of Gran Canaria.



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