8 paradisiacal beaches in Gran Canaria that you cannot miss


If you are interested in knowing the most beautiful paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria, keep reading! We have prepared a list of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches that you should not miss if you visit this beautiful island.

The beaches of Gran Canaria have become famous all over the world, being one of the biggest attractions of the island. A clear sign of this is that many of them have blue flags that indicate they have a superior quality.

Discover the 8 paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria

One of the advantages of wanting to spend your vacations on an island like Gran Canaria is that you have the option to visit many beaches of all kinds that everyone can enjoy.

Some of them are hidden, providing an aura great for families, where you can practice sports and also many secret coves perfect to enjoy idyllic sunsets. Do you want to know about each of the paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria? Then, we will tell you which ones you must visit!

Güi Güi Beach

We begin this list with one of the most unknown beaches, both for the inhabitants of Gran Canaria, and for tourists who visit the island. Güi Güi has achieved the recognition of UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, being one of the almost virgin beaches of the island.

Located in the southwest of the island, near the village La Aldea de San Nicolás, this beach is not easily accessible. The journey, on foot, can take more than an hour and a half.

This beach has two distinct areas. On one hand, the area known as Güi Güi Grande, and on the other hand, Güi Güi Chico. But one thing these two areas have in common is that in both of them you can breathe the quietness, peace and privacy that many people seek when they go on vacation.

In addition, if you are a lover of spectacular views, its cliff of more than 850 meters will leave you speechless. Undoubtedly one of the best options to spend a day of disconnection in the nature.

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Las Canteras Beach

From an almost virgin beach we move on to another one that is located in a more urban area, Las Canteras Beach, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, capital of the island.

Its location makes it one of the beaches that receives more visitors per year, being also one of the largest where you can also see many boats. One of the pleasures that you can not miss, is to sit on one of its terraces and enjoy the good weather and the incredible views.

This is one of the paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria, but it is true that its visitors tend to be families.

In addition, it does not have a big swell due to the natural barrier of solidified lava that protects it. If you are thinking of heading to Gran Canaria, you must visit this beach, no matter if you do it during the day or at night, because in both cases you can appreciate the beauty of this place.

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El Inglés Beach

This is one of the best known and most appreciated beaches in Gran Canaria, both by the inhabitants of the island and the tourists who arrive daily. One of the reasons why “Playa del Inglés” is so popular is that it is very close to the Maspalomas Dunes, one of the most emblematic points of the island.

Besides being able to go there with your family, it also stands out for being the destination of many athletes looking to practice sports such as surfing, windsurfing, and even scuba diving.

It is more than three kilometers of extension makes this beach one of the largest on the island, being able to enjoy many services such as restaurants and hotels very close to it, like, fore example, those of the Lopesan Group.

Dedo de Dios Beach

If you are looking for paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria with a different touch, Dedo de Dios is one of the beaches worth visiting during your stay on the island.

The name of this one comes from a rock that stood out until it was knocked down by the Delta storm, which is why it is now known as Roque Partido. Those who have visited this beach have highlighted the calmness that you can feel there, being the ideal destination to spend the day with your partner or friends.

Amadores Beach

Located in the southwest of the island, this is another of the paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria that stands out for its turquoise blue waters that make everyone who visits it fall in love.

Amadores beach is a real oasis, despite being artificial. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best places to go with the family and enjoy its white sand and the incredible restaurants that are nearby.

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Tufia and Aguadulce Beach

The best thing about touring around the paradisiacal beaches of Gran Canaria is that some of them are next to each other. This is what happens with the beach of Tufia and Aguadulce.

Both of them are located in the municipality of Telde, and are not very crowded, since they are not normally included in the usual tourist guides. They are usually visited only by the inhabitants of the island or by those who have spent a lot of time on the island.

Only two minutes away from the cove of Tufia, you will find the beach of Aguadulce, specially recommended for those who want to enjoy sports or activities such as snorkeling. In addition, in this emblematic place, you can also visit the archaeological site ‘Poblado de Tufia’.

Mogán Beach

This quiet beach is located in Puerto de Mogán, and is one of the most visited spots by families, as its calm waters allow children to enjoy it to the fullest.

A place perfect to disconnect thanks to the fact that there is frequently calm wind. Its waters are crystal clear and bathe the fine golden sand. It also has many restaurants and services around.

Mogán beach is also a great attraction for many athletes who come to snorkel, scuba diving, kayaking and even sport fishing. If you need to disconnect and enjoy a good day, Mogán beach is the perfect destination to pay a visit.

Puerto Rico Beach

In case, during your stay in Gran Canaria, you decide to visit Puerto Rico, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of its beach.

Its blue waters are one of the main reasons why many people visit this place every day. You can also enjoy sport activities such as kayaking. In addition, you can appreciate the entire beach and the town behind it.

Another of the main activities that you should not miss are the seatrack rides, which, thanks to a helmet that allows you to breathe underwater, you can observe the magnificent fauna and flora of the underwater Atlantic Canary Islands.

Also, from its port, you can embark to swim with dolphins or watch the different cetaceans that are on the island. Undoubtedly one of the most attractive beaches of Gran Canaria for both locals and tourists who come to the island daily.

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