Are you one of those who, regardless of the occasion or having to celebrate a special moment or date, loves going out with your group of friends? In this article from the blog of the Lopesan Group, we recommend some places to travel with friends located in Gran Canaria.

If you have traveled to the main destinations in Spain, Gran Canaria is one of the places to travel with friends, which offers a variety of options for all kind of tastes.

From those who love to contemplate the sea and enjoy the beach, to those who are passionate about water sports or group excursions, everyone will have the opportunity to make the most of this destination as one of the best places to travel with friends.

So if you are looking for places to travel with friends, do not miss this incredible list of places in Gran Canaria, which you should go to with your mates.

5 places to travel with friends in Gran Canaria

1. Rural Park of Nublo

On June 19, 1987, it was declared a Natural Area, while on December 19, 1994, it was declared a Rural Park and currently belongs to the list of protected natural areas of the Canary Islands.

In this place, you can find the Roque Nublo, which is one of the most interesting places to travel with friends, especially for those who like to contemplate exceptional natural monuments.

This recognized natural space is composed of particular rocky elevations that were formed during the second eruptive cycle of the island of Gran Canaria, of the three that existed.

This roque is characterized by having a steep geographical relief that rises equally in the sea and on the land, composing striking shapes, as well as amazing figures.

There are two alternatives to get to this roque that is the most visited and popular of these islands: through a hiking trail that starts from the Butt or driving by car to the parking lot of the Degollada de la Goleta and walking from that point, which has approximately 3 kilometers.

From these wonderful and unique rocks of about 1813 meters of altitude, which are located in this Natural Park, you can see spectacular views of the Teide, of the neighboring island of Tenerife.

2. Las Canteras Beach

Las Canteras is one of the beaches of Gran Canaria that despite being urban, receives a lot of care and has an exquisite cleaning. This is evident in its fine sand, its crystalline waters and a length of about 4 kilometers, which constitute the ideal space to take long walks and enjoy the leisure and gastronomy places that line the beach.

This is the main beach in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where you can admire the artistic proposals of various sculptors outdoors.

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In this place you can see sculptural pieces such as Calypso, which was made in bronze in 1998 by the artist Manuel González; The children of the bar, a sculptural group that was made in bronze by Juan Bordes Caballero in 1993; The fisherman, a bronze work made by Chano Navarro in 2002, among other works that permeate an artistic air to this place.

But if you if you are still doubting that this place truly breathes art, there are also some murals that in order to create harmony between modern buildings and the idiosyncrasy of this beach, were made between 1993 and 1994 in some mediatorial walls.

3. Agaete Harbor

The port of Agaete is another place that you should not miss when traveling with friends to Gran Canaria. In the Mediterranean style, the whitewashed houses of this fishing village, with the doors and windows painted in navy blue, reinforcing the coastal feeling that inspires this place.

Very close to the port area there is a series of natural pools, created between the rocks of the coast. It is ideal to make a stop in the visit to this town and enjoy a pleasant bath in its calm waters.


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4. Mirador de El Balcón

Located in the Village of San Nicolás, you will find the majestic views of the Balcony, which has a wonderful view due to the zigzagging shape that the cliffs of the island are doing while they fall in Vertical shape to the immense blue of the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as Dragon’s Tail because it brings to mind the mythological monster.

No visitor of the island should go to this place without going down the stone staircase that leads to the hanging ceiling that gives the title of balcony to this place.

Those who are lovers of monuments will love it because this is one of the places to travel with friends where you can fully contemplate the smell of the sea and the exquisite fusion of colors that can be seen from this viewpoint.

5. The Dunes of Maspalomas

The Dunes of Maspalomas are a very representative symbol of Gran Canaria and constitute a natural area that is unique in the Spanish territory.

This wonderful place that is located in the South of Gran Canaria, is also one of the places to travel with friends and live with them the fun experience of wallowing, jumping or climbing in the middle of tons of fine sand.

In addition, you and your friends can observe the miracles of nature in each of the plant species that survive the almost absolute sterility of these sands.


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