Discover Playa de Jarugo, a gold sandy paradise in Fuerteventura


The west coast of our island owns one of the favourite destinations for inhabitants, the charming Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura. It is a wild oasis that stands out for its thin sand, strong swell and low attendance of tourists. Do you want to know more about this hidden paradise?

Enjoy the calm in Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura

The gorgeous Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura is located in the middle of two huge cliffs, halfway between Tindaya and Los Molinos. It is a lovely natural spot full of gold thin sand and wild waters that will make you have a great time.

Even if this beach doesn’t look too small, it is quite hard to find it at first sight because it is a little bit hidden. Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura is 230 long and 40 metres wide and it also has a natural dyke where waters break. This is a great place to practice surfing.

Moreover, if you cross the dyke, you will be able to find an impressive inlet with much more privacy.

How to get to Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura?

The easiest way to reach Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura is taking the FV-10 road by car to the lovely town of Tindaya, where you can find its sacred mountain. If you don’t want to rent any vehicle, you can also go by bus taking the line 7 and get to the west coast of the island.

As we said before, this place is quite hard to find, so keep an eye on the directions to arrive there with no problem.

Once you enter Tindaya you must pass through the central square and turn right on the first curve. You will reach a point where you may get mixed up easily, so make sure that you take the left cross that leads you to a series of streets.

At the end of this path among the small streets of Tindaya you will see just one pavement that you will have to take to get out of there. Following that route to the end you will run into a crossroad. Turn right and stay on that way for 5 kilometres until you can see the sea. After that, turn left and continue for 3 kilometres.

If you have followed the directions properly, you will have found on the right side the delightful Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura.

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Are you thinking of going on a trip to this hidden oasis? Playa de Jarugo in Fuerteventura is the perfect spot to enjoy calm, privacy and practice surfing. This sensation of joy can also be found in the marvelous hotels that we have  in Lopesan Group.

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