Would you like to visit an unusual beach full of popcorn? Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura revolutionized social networks, because in its extension you will not find the typical golden sand so characteristic of the island, but rather white formations like rosettes.

Since 2015, #PopCornBeach has become viral on social networks due to its unusual appearance, which attracted the attention of many tourists, who wanted to see if this place really existed.

Surely, you have ever read or seen a photo about this popular space, and if you do not know anything about Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura, there is no problem, in this article of the Lopesan Group Blog, we will provide you with the details of everything that you need to know to visit this unconventional beach.

Let’s go!

What is Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura?

Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura is not an artificially created beach, but we cannot compare it with the famous Playa Cofete in the western Peninsula of Jandía, in the sense that you will not find kilometers of spectacular golden sand, but there are fossils of algae in it, shaped like popcorn.

This natural phenomenon demonstrates the diversity of natural landscapes within the “Majorera” island, as the inhabitants of the Canary Islands call it, undoubtedly one of the reasons for the great annual flow of visitors that Fuerteventura receives. Would you dare to visit it?

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How to get to Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura?

Popcorn Beach is located on the north coast of the Canary Island, near the well-known tourist town of Corralejo, in the municipality of La Oliva.

From the town of Corralejo you can get there on foot, although the path is quite long. It could take up to 1 hour to walk, but if you like walking, put on good shoes, comfortable clothes and enjoy the scenery.

There are other alternative routes to get to Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura. For example, if you arrive by vehicle in the coastal area of ​​Majanicho, you just have to park nearby and walk until you reach the famous Popcorn Beach.

Also, if you are staying in Jandía or Morro Jable, in the southern part of the island of Fuerteventura, you must take FV-22 to reach this curious beach. The journey takes about an hour and a half. Another option is to go by guagua (bus), on the regular lines, making a change in Puerto del Rosario.

Popcorn or Rhodoliths?

As similar as these algae fossils are to popcorn, there is no direct relationship. Do you want to know why they are so alike?

The algae fossils found in Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura are known as rhodoliths. These are red algae. Carbonate fossils are synthesized abroad, forming large areas that are washed away by the same sea filling the entire coast.

This type of alga appears in shallow places, developing between 20 and 100 meters deep. Each of the Canary Islands has this type of striking geological formation in its seas.

As long as a rhodolith is alive it will be red or purple in color, once its cycle is over it turns white, which resembles popcorn.

Its development time is usually very slow, so it should not be removed from its natural habitat. These fossils are protected and removing rhodoliths from Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura can lead to fines and penalties.

Rodolitos Nature Reserve in Popcorn Beach in Corralejo

The viralization of #PopCornBeach invited thousands of tourists to visit this curious beach in Fuerteventura, which was a positive aspect for tourism in the Canary Islands. However, it could also endanger the conservation of the beach when several tourists began to take bottles and bags of the rhodoliths as if it were a souvenir, damaging this ecosystem on the island of Fuerteventura. At the airports the guards were forced to requisition containers full of these fossils.

Currently, there is a campaign on networks, #pasasinhuellaporlaoliva, which demands the cessation of this illegal activity. Also, the inhabitants are requesting the creation of a sanction of important economic weight with which this geological attack on the Canary coast is avoided.

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Visit Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura

If you are going to visit Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura, we recommend you wear good adherent footwear with which you can step on the rhodolith fossils without danger. You will surely portray funny moments with these fake popcorn.

You can enjoy a quiet day on the beach of popcorn, sunbathing and bathing without going too far from the shore, since the waves of Popcorn Beach are quite strong, perfect for water sports such as surfing. If you love that kind of water activities, this place will be ideal for you.

Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura is a fun stop that you should venture to visit, if you have the opportunity to travel to the island, but it is not the only destination that we recommend visiting during your stay.

The charming island of Fuerteventura will surprise you with its different natural landscapes, monuments, parks, mountains and endless routes to encourage you to go hiking. Without forgetting its spectacular beaches and dunes.

If you want to visit Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura or any other place on the island, at Grupo Lopesan we offer you excellent accommodation packages. If you want to know more about our hotels and offers, visit us on our website and plan a dream getaway.

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