The island of Fuerteventura is one of the places where you can spend the best vacation of your life. It offers many places full of charm, such as Pozo Negro beach.

This site is very similar to the image that comes to mind when we think of a desert place, where you can relax and feel the connection with the sea. If you want to know the Pozo Negro Beach, in Fuerteventura, we have prepared for you this post. This way you will be able to know in depth this small Canarian spot.

Life by the sea in Pozo Negro, Fuerteventura

We have no doubt that Pozo Negro is one of the most picturesque destinations you can visit on the island.

If you are thinking about going there, you should know that it is not very complicated. The town is located in the coastal area, driving along the FV2 road.

Between Las Salinas to the North and Teguital to the South, you can find a detour that will take you to the FV 420 road. Taking that one, you will arrive in the village of Pozo Negro, Fuerteventura, in no time.

Pozo Negro beach

Once you have reached this small town of Fuerteventura, you will see the beach of Pozo Negro.

This is characterized by not being very large and not very crowded, which is ideal for the population of the town. This has 300 meters of beach along, having about 12 meters of wide sand.

If Pozo Negro beach stands out for anything, it is because of its sand, dark in one area and golden in another. This curious thing creates an outstanding contrast with its deep blue waters.

One of the advantages of this beach is that it is not well known, that being a positive point when you go there to disconnect and don’t want to be surrounded by tons of people.

Pozo Negro beach in Fuerteventura has a moderate swell, although it is usually windy. Undoubtedly, it is one of the many astonishing places you can find in Fuerteventura, especially if you are looking for peace and quietness.

The charm of Pozo Negro, Fuerteventura: a small fishing village full of history

The town of Pozo Negro has its origin in 1426 as an important fishing port. The arrival and departure of different goods took place there. This port was also the departure point for expeditions to Barbary, a term used by Europeans from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century to refer to the coastal regions of Morocco.

Although, in the past, this port enjoyed the popularity of being one of the most significant of the island. Nowadays, the main activity is inshore fishing and goat breeding.

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What can you visit in Pozo Negro Fuerteventura?

Once you have enjoyed the incredible waters of the beach of Pozo Negro in Fuerteventura, you may wonder what else you can do in this town. Our recommendation is to try the typical gastronomy in one of the local restaurants, paying special attention to the fresh fish and goat meat.

You can also see some vestiges of the past livestock in the area of ‘Los Pozos‘. There you can appreciate the old goat “gambuesas”. Those are large stone corrals in which the goats are enclosed once gathered. If you go a little further, you can also visit the aboriginal settlement of ‘La Atalayita‘.

No doubts that the town of Pozo Negro, in Fuerteventura, offers a great number of plans. Those can go from enjoying a quiet day at the beach, to eating typical dishes and even learning about the interesting history of the island. What an adventure!

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