Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria is a town located in the south of the island that keeps secrets and charms for tourists and, also, for locals. Once you visit it, you will want to return, since you can enjoy different leisure options, nightlife and some of the best coves in Gran Canaria.

Do you want to know more about Puerto Rico? Well, keep reading this article where we will tell you everything you can do in this place.

6 activities that you cannot stop doing in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

One of the main attributes of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria is its exceptional climate, since its temperature is usually not higher than 32 degrees in summer, and winter stands out for having an average temperature that does not drop below 17 degrees.

Some of the activities that can be done in this town are:

1. Practice water activities

If there is something that distinguishes Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria, it is that its beaches offer a variety of alternatives in regard to water sports that you can practice.

Some of the most outstanding water activities are:


If you want to get to know the beaches of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria in a different way, kayaks are perfect because they will allow you to get to popular cliffs and caves in the area. Also, you do not need to have previous experience in this practice.

It is also an adventure that you can enjoy as a couple because there are double kayaks that are equipped with everything you need to enjoy rowing as a duo.


This is an aquatic activity widely practiced in Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria through which you can get to know the most emblematic of the maritime fauna of this area of ​​the Atlantic. In a tour of approximately half an hour, you can explore the seabed with a helmet that allows you to breathe in a completely normal way.

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It has the advantage that it can be easily learned in a training of approximately 10 minutes, in which the basic instructions for the activity are explained.

In addition, you will have the company of an instructor who will be vigilant in ensuring that the activity proceeds normally. It is one of the ideal entertainment options if you are looking for what to do in Gran Canaria with children, since those over 8 can practice seatrack without problems.

Jet ski excursion

It is one of the most fun and exciting aquatic practices that you can do in Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria. You will have the guide of a monitor who can help you when you need it and will be in charge of explaining the rules to make the most of the activity and facilitate the safety material.


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2. Go on a boat excursion

The 2 ports of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria make this town an ideal environment for different boat excursions and start deep-sea fishing and observe dolphins or cetaceans at any time of year regardless of the climatic conditions.

Also, you can travel the coast to Puerto de Mogán or sail to the virgin beach of Güigüi, which is a little further away.

3. Get on a Buggy vehicle

These cars will allow you to know the places that you did not imagine that could host  Gran Canaria and learn more about this island in a fun group excursion that departs from Puerto Rico.

4. Swimming with dolphins

This is an excursion of approximately 2 or 3 hours that is done aboard a catamaran to locate dolphins in the south of Gran Canaria and where you can see the wonderful show of jumps and races in the water that they do around the ship.


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5. Visit the Palmitos Park

This is an ideal place if you are looking for theme parks in Gran Canaria to visit with the family, since children will be able to see wild animals such as parrots, birds of prey, meerkats, butterflies, orangutans, gibbons, among others. There are also different organized shows that are suitable for people of all ages.

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This theme park is located very close to Puerto Rico, in the Barranco de los Palmitos in Maspalomas, where you can also appreciate the beautiful subtropical mountainous landscape that surrounds it.

6. Visiting beaches

In Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria you can find two of the island’s most popular beaches: Playa de Puerto Rico and Playa de Amadores, which have an enviable temperature throughout the year.

Puerto Rico Beach is a wonderful place that is surrounded by natural landscapes and in a privileged location that prevents winds and large currents from arriving, which is why there are always calm waters.

On the other hand, Playa de Amadores in Puerto Rico, which received the “Blue Flag” in 2004 for its clear water, cleanliness and environmental conservation, is another of the most recommended.

Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria has 800 meters of extension and its beaches are characterized by having calm waters where you can experience a true rest, since they can be considered as a large artificial pool, which makes it a perfect place to visit with the family.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

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