In the Dominican Republic you can do all kinds of activities. Do you want to know the place in depth? In this post we present you the best routes in Punta Cana for hiking because there is no better way to discover a place than by exploring it inside.

The routes through its fascinating landscapes, of diverse ecosystems, are routes that you should not miss if you are a lover of hiking or trekking. In this article we bring you the most attractive and exuberant natural enclaves on the Caribbean island.

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The best routes in Punta Cana

The routes of Punta Cana are home to a biodiversity of landscapes perfect for hiking, excursions or trekking. Even if you are in the best physical condition, some of these places will be a challenge due to their length or demand.

If you think of the Dominican Republic, you usually imagine its crystalline beaches to enjoy a good dip or simply relax on its white sand, but there are many more extraordinary places to discover the interior of the Costa del Coco.

Let’s see what those Routes through Punta Cana are.

Hiking in Indigenous Eyes, La Altagracia: a magical route

The Nature Reserve Indigenous Eyes in the province of La Altagracia is one of the routes in Punta Cana that you should not miss, as it houses more than 1500 hectares of fauna and flora. Due to the biodiversity of species in the Dominican Republic, several places are under the protection of international organizations such as UNESCO.

This natural reserve of Indigenous Eyes is an oasis full of lagoons that are interconnected by a route of 1,5 km to travel and, why not, swim and cool off in its crystal-clear waters. In this natural park you will enjoy a paradisiacal journey.

Hiking in Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana

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If you like the beach and excursions, you should make a note of Bavaro, in the province of La Altagracia, which is recognized as one of the natural world heritages by UNESCO. Its crystal-clear waters and 10 km of landscapes make it one of the best routes in Punta Cana to discover.

You can make an excursion to the Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, and thus get to know all the variety of flora and fauna of this area of the Caribbean island. Of course, take care of the sun during the intense hours and always use sunscreen.

Hiking in Salto del Limón, an unforgettable walk

The waterfall Salto del Limón is one of the essentials if you visit the Sierra de Samaná. This impressive 40-meter waterfall will leave you speechless.

Imagine a path surrounded by tropical trees with a climate always favorable. Salto del Limón is one of the most popular routes in Punta Cana for hiking. Its path has only 2.5 km to do it on foot or on horseback and at the end of the route you can take a refreshing dip in its waters.

Fun Fun Cave: route for the more adventurous

If you like demanding challenges, hiking in Fun Fun Cave will not disappoint you. It is one of the most outstanding routes in Punta Cana. You can reach the caves after a journey of two and a half hours, since it is located northeast of La Costa del Coco.

This excursion presents a challenge for those who like activities that require some difficulty. On the route of the cave you will descend 20 meters and go through tunnels and large corridors full of stalactites and stalagmites. In addition to its underground rivers, ideal for lovers of rappelling.

Tips for hiking Punta Cana Routes

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You already know the best hiking trails in Punta Cana. This sporting activity has become one of the most popular practices because it allows you to discover endless natural enclaves.

Despite the fact that its difficulty is usually not as high as other sports. We want to give you some tips so that you can safely enjoy the routes of Punta Cana:

Know the way, don’t go blind

Nowadays you have the facility to search the internet for everything about the places you are going to visit. Therefore, we advise you to always look for the route and the site map to avoid any type of loss.

Make a route itinerary, taking into account the extension, the time and of course the location of the area. You can also ask the locals or hire an excursion already organized.

Check the climate of the area

The temperature in the Dominican Republic is favorable throughout the year. It averages between 25º and 35º with a clearly tropical, humid and hot climate, with the possibility of rain at certain times of the day. For this reason, you should always check the probability of rain before venturing on an excursion.

Wear the correct clothing

Both hiking and trekking are practiced with specific footwear adapted to this type of route, which is not usually on homogeneous terrain. Therefore, you should not wear just any shoe because it can cause dramatic falls and unnecessary injuries. A thick, non-slip, waterproof sole is your safe choice.

The cooler the clothing, the better, the more if it is sportswear with freedom of movement so you can do this in optimal conditions

Stay hydrated

Water is your best ally during hiking, since if you are not well hydrated you will not resist an intermediate route, such as El Salto del Limón, much less one of greater difficulty, such as Fun Fun Cave in Punta Cana.

Eat and hydrate well before and during the tour so that you do not suffer from disorientation and fainting.

Take care of the environment

As we mentioned, the routes of Punta Cana are a natural heritage protected by UNESCO, so you must take care of the environment where you go to do the tour.

These extraordinary landscapes do not deserve to be polluted, especially if you want to continue enjoying their unique beauty.

Where to stay in the Dominican Republic?

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